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The Waters of Mars on North American DVD and Blu-Ray – February 2

<![CDATA[ It was previously announced that the David Tennant gap year specials would all be released in the form of a box set on February 2, 2010, as well as separately. Well, now we have the details for the DVD and Blu-ray release of… Continue Reading “The Waters of Mars on North American DVD and Blu-Ray – February 2”

Radio Free Skaro #168 – Squee House of Horror

<![CDATA[ After seven long months, Doctor Who returned to the airwaves in high style with “The Waters of Mars,” a topper of a story and one heck of a lead-in to the Doctor’s imminent demise and resurrection. The Three Who Rule were effusive in… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #168 – Squee House of Horror”

March 2010 North American DVD Releases

<![CDATA[The next batch of North American DVDs has been announced, and March 2, 2010 will see the releases of the Special Edition of Remembrance of the Daleks alongside the much-anticipated Dalek War box set containing the Jon Pertwee stories Frontier in Space and Planet… Continue Reading “March 2010 North American DVD Releases”

Radio Free Skaro #166 – All Roads Lead To Ay-dric

<![CDATA[ Warren is finally back from Japan and China so the Three Who Rule were once again united. Doctor Who spinoffs were the order of the day as The Sarah Jane Adventures featured the first signs of The Doctor since Easter and K9 got… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #166 – All Roads Lead To Ay-dric”

Radio Free Skaro #165 – Radio Free Skaro in an Exciting Adventure With The Minute Doctor Who Podcast

<![CDATA[ Warren is still trundling around Asia so in his absence the remaining Two Who Rule invited along Luke from The Minute Doctor Who Podcast to join in the frivolity. Some good news (Doctor Who confirmed for Christmas and a Children in Need Preview… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #165 – Radio Free Skaro in an Exciting Adventure With The Minute Doctor Who Podcast”

Radio Free Skaro #164 – Clough Luck

<![CDATA[ With Warren on holiday in Japan and China, Katrina joins the fray (see what we did there?) as the Radio Free Skaro gang discusses more about the Doctor Who Magazine ranking poll, a mass of DVD news as well as the premiere story… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #164 – Clough Luck”

Radio Free Skaro #159 – Throw Down The Quantlet

<![CDATA[ With the Doctor Who Magazine release of the ming-mongiest list of favorite Doctor Who episodes in the past 11 years (when a nuWho-less but also ming-mongy list sparked debate amongst the faithful), the Three Who Rule were like┬ástarving, nerdy dogs drawn to raw… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #159 – Throw Down The Quantlet”

January North American DVD Releases

<![CDATA[January 2010 sees two more classic Doctor Who stories being released on DVD in Region 1. While there have some been some real winners of late (The War Games and The Deadly Assassin sure come to mind), this first offering of the new year… Continue Reading “January North American DVD Releases”