Radio Free Skaro #191 – The Completionists …IN COLOR!


Radio Free Skaro #191 – Click here to listen

The new series of Doctor Who is less than a week away and with the question of Matt Smith still largely unanswered, the Three Who Rule were glad of the first proper clips from the new series so as to get a feel for the character. Add to the mix yet another new trailer as well as an extended interview with Matt Smith by Jonathan Ross, talk of the new TARDIS design on Doctor Who Confidential and descriptions for future episodes before we’ve even seen the first one and the bottom line is excitement! The Miniscope even makes a one-off return, focused squarely at the Who oeuvre, or Whoeuvre if you will, of new show runner Steven Moffat.
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
The Eleventh Hour…Opening Clip!
Vampires in Venice…Sneak Peek!
Series Five…Fourth Trailer!
Series Five…SPACE Trailer!
The Eleventh Hour…Start Time!
Doctor Who Confidential…Synopsis!
The Beast Below…Synopsis!
K-9 Premiere…In Australia!
July…Region 1 DVD Releases!

Miniscope – Steven Moffat:
The Curse of Fatal Death
The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
The Girl in the Fireplace
Time Crash
Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead



5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #191 – The Completionists …IN COLOR!

  1. Thanks for another great episode 🙂 The action could have been set 12 years or so ago and Amy could have been a little girl. The Millennium Dome has been around for a while, e.g. it’s in World is Not Enough in 1999. So if Amy is 19 or so now, 11 or 12 years ago would be late 90s, the dome would be there and she’d be a little girl then, unless I am missing something.

  2. Another great episode guys, though as per usual I spent most of it tutting and shaking my head in disagreement with you all! lol
    For some reason, I just can’t get excited about Steven Moffat’s writing.
    I know, I Know I’m in a ridiculously small minority, but every time I watch something he has written I’m sitting there thinking –
    ” I should be enjoying all of this far more than I am, why I can’t see what
    everybody else is seeing?”
    I think Blink is one of the most overrated stories ever. It’s not a bad show, but it isn’t even the best Dr lite episode IMO!,
    The 2nd best story of all time? LOL Well we will see where it stands in a few years …
    And as for Girl in the fireplace, I’d rather re-watch The Twin Dillemma (And I’m not joking!) Still having said all that, I don’t think I’ve looked forward to a new season more in a long time.
    And I will be interested to see if the Moff can write his 6 episodes without reusing his 3 favorite dramatic devices – Technology gone wrong, Romantic subplots & 2 dimensional Mary Sues!

    Oh yeah and by the way, I LOVE the Unicorn & The Wasp , see I told you I never agree with you three!

  3. You guys asked in this episode, who really in the MST (Mountain Standard Time) zone is listening to this podcast? Well, you can count at least one right here! 😉


  4. I’ve just read Mad Larry’s latest blog and it would appear I have a soul mate.

    I feel unclean.

  5. About Girl in the fire place not contributing anything it introduced the concept of ‘a door once opened can be entered both ways’ which was the explanation behind to doctor being able to tap into the archangel network in Last of the Timelords or how the metacrisis effected donna to in Journey’s end.

    If you want to find carnival of monsters its on here along with litterally everything else

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