New TARDIS Interior

<![CDATA[Courtesy the latest issue of the Radio Times, fans clamouring for a proper glimpse of the new TARDIS interior can finally see it. Promises of new rooms and different sights within the iconic time ship are certainly keeping the Radio Free Skaro crew excited!

See more at the Radio Times website.


5 Comments on “New TARDIS Interior

  1. Have to say that I’m not overly liking the new look. the colours are OK, but the curved walls not liking that.

  2. Now that is GORGEOUS! I love the higglety pigglety feel of it. The walls and ceiling ribs on the right look like they might be remnants of the previous room (especially with that one wall panel which looks like it got stuck half way though shifting), and those concentric rings above the console are pure Hartnell era! 😀 The pull-down screen puts one in mind of the TV movie and the console itself feels like an amalgamation of classic and new series. And with those four stairways going in all directions make the room feel like it’s just a hub of a far larger structure (unlike the previous room which felt isolated, since it had no visible door, though presumably it must have had one since Rose and Micky wonder off somewhere at the end of Girl in the Fireplace leaving the Doctor alone in the room).

    And I love the way the exterior door isn’t really central to, well anywhere, it’s just tucked off into a corner of the room. I think it would have been interesting to have brought back the inner doors but as it is the plain and regular look of the exterior doors just serves to highlight the madness and disjointed alien quality of the rest of the room.

    All in all 10/10 😀

  3. It’s quite bizarre to think that I still think of the Tardis interior to be the pristine white that it was during William Hartnell’s first story. However, I do like this. The poster who put ‘mad and gorgeous’ got it spot on. Orange and green seem to the preferred palette of the new designers, but if you look there are influences from every single Dr.Who era: the monitor could have come straight from the TV movie, the tubes festooning the higher areas are a reminder of Tom Baker’s era, and the concentric circles right at the top go way back to Hartnell. What I don’t miss are those awful polystyrene supports that arrived after Ecclestone and were made to look like blocks of wood or stone?? This is funky

  4. ok i luv this interior big time :). but i got that awful feeling since i didnt wait 2 days to see it XD

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