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Series 5 Linking Scene One

<![CDATA[It's long been known the Series 5 DVD box set will feature some specially-recorded scenes linking some episodes, but until now we've not been able to see these scenes. For your entertainment and to help satisfy any completionist bent you may have, check out… Continue Reading “Series 5 Linking Scene One”

Radio Free Skaro #215 – I Am The Walrus

<![CDATA[ A Warren-less look at The Beast Below is the focal point of this week’s Radio Free Skaro tomfoolery. The remaining Two Who Rule are joined by Chip from the Two-minute Time Lord podcast, as the Series 5 commentary series keeps on truckin’. Grab… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #215 – I Am The Walrus”

Radio Free Skaro #195 – Graham Crackers

<![CDATA[ A rare occasion for Radio Free Skaro this week in that all three hosts were unanimous in their praise of The Time of Angels, one of the true high points in recent Doctor Who history that not even a slightly reduced duration or… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #195 – Graham Crackers”

Radio Free Skaro #194 – New Car Smell

<![CDATA[ The Daleks are back! And that’s…..well, middling. The Three Who Rule chewed over “Victory of the Daleks,” including the new, sleek models that have all of fandom agog with either love or hate, the WW2 models that instantly warmed our coal-black hearts, and… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #194 – New Car Smell”

Radio Free Skaro #193 – Cetacean Emancipation

<![CDATA[ Another strong week for new Who as “The Beast Below” solidified the love of the Three Who Rule for Matt Smith, otherwise known as “the new kid we think will work out just fine.” Add a potent mix of thrilling stats, fictitious awards,… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #193 – Cetacean Emancipation”

The Beast Below – Teaser Trailer

<![CDATA[Thanks to the totally awesome Series 5 – Coming Soon trailer that aired after The Eleventh Hour on April 3, the usual "Next Episode" trailer wasn't shown. Here's the official BBC trailer for Episode 2, The Beast Below, airing Saturday, April 10 at 6:15… Continue Reading “The Beast Below – Teaser Trailer”

Radio Free Skaro #191 – The Completionists …IN COLOR!

<![CDATA[ The new series of Doctor Who is less than a week away and with the question of Matt Smith still largely unanswered, the Three Who Rule were glad of the first proper clips from the new series so as to get a feel… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #191 – The Completionists …IN COLOR!”