Radio Free Skaro #215 – I Am The Walrus


Radio Free Skaro #215 – Click here to listen

A Warren-less look at The Beast Below is the focal point of this week’s Radio Free Skaro tomfoolery. The remaining Two Who Rule are joined by Chip from the Two-minute Time Lord podcast, as the Series 5 commentary series keeps on truckin’. Grab a glass of non-vibrating water and join the podcest fun as the lads talk all over Star Whales, future monarchs, voting machines and the Smilers and Winders!
Show Notes:

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Two-minute…Time Lord!


The Beast…Below!


4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #215 – I Am The Walrus

  1. During the commentary you guys mention the dialog “you look human” “no, you look time lord” being used before. It was, in Planet of the Dead. It’s a bit sad I knew that off the top of my head.

  2. I think the ‘you look time lord, we came first’ was a reference to Ten/Christina in planet of the dead

  3. Wasn’t Carey Mulligan an Oscar nominee? Or since it happened after her appearance in “Blink” then that disqualifies her?

  4. Enjoyed this a lot. Totally agree that it’s kind of a throw-back to the RTD era, with some really interesting ideas that don’t gel well and end up feeling merchandiseriffic. Smilers with changeable faces! Collect ’em all!

    On the other hand, who wouldn’t want a nice scale model of Starship Great Britain? Collect ’em all! I’ll have Great Britain, Great France, and Great Germany!

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