Doctor Who DVD Releases To Be Synchronized

<![CDATA[BBC America has announced that classic Doctor Who DVD releases, beginning with Meglos in 2011, will be synchronized across all major regions. Whereas in the past months would pass between a UK and North American or Australian/New Zealand release, releases will now come in the same week beginning next year. This will certainly make DVD buyers outside the UK very happy, including those of us at Radio Free Skaro who have, at times, pined for releases available in the UK but not yet available in North America. We very much welcome the change, even if the accelerated Region 1 release schedule means 2011 will be a pricey year for DVDs.]]>

3 Comments on “Doctor Who DVD Releases To Be Synchronized

  1. just a small question – does this mean that they will be released here in New Zealand at the same time too, or is it just in the US

    thank you

  2. Have a listen to the Dan Hall interview from RFS 221 for more detail, but basically expect releases from Meglos onward to appear in R1/R4 within a couple weeks (or less) of the R2 release.

  3. Hi Chris

    Only just got your reply. Thank you for replying. Hope this is the case 🙂


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