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Radio Free Skaro #567 – The Clock Strikes Twelve

Capaldexit! Yes, the Three Who Rule were sideswiped (as was everyone else) by Peter Capaldiā€™s surprise announcement that he was leaving the role of The Doctor, and after admonishing the UK press for baseless speculation, the RFS crew engaged in frankly hypocritical predictions of… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #567 – The Clock Strikes Twelve”

Radio Free Skaro #227 – A Day in the Life

Radio Free Skaro #226 – I Feel Fine

Radio Free Skaro #223 – Murray, The Planet Of Gold

Radio Free Skaro #217 – You Won't See Me

Radio Free Skaro #217 – You Won’t See Me

After taking the better part of September off to either move to, visit, or stay away from other continents, the Three Who Rule reconvened for their first regularly recorded episode of Radio Free Skaro since the hazy days of summer. And, lo! What a… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #217 – You Won’t See Me”

January North America Doctor Who DVDs

Doctor Who DVD Releases To Be Synchronized

Radio Free Skaro #213 – Chimeron You Crazy Diamond

Radio Free Skaro #212 – Let's Do The Mindwarp Again