Radio Free Skaro #217 – You Won’t See Me

Radio Free Skaro #217 – Click here to listen

After taking the better part of September off to either move to, visit, or stay away from other continents, the Three Who Rule reconvened for their first regularly recorded episode of Radio Free Skaro since the hazy days of summer. And, lo! What a news list to come back to! Some old, most older, but all entirely relevant, otherwise it would have never been mentioned in the first place. And to top it off, there’s a commentary on perhaps the best New Series episode made to date, “The Time of Angels”. If you’re going to listen to one episode of Radio Free Skaro, make it this one! (And all the others, too.)
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Series 6 Filming…Commenced!
Toby Haynes…Directs!
International iPlayer…coming soon!
Synchronized Worldwide DVD releases…coming soon!
Jane Espenson writes…three Torchwood episodes!
Sarah Jane Adventures…coming October 11!
Sarah Jane Adventures…twice weekly!
Sarah Jane Adventures episodes…in detail!
Death of the Doctor…preview!
Suranne Jones…in Doctor Who!
The Waters of Mars…wins a Hugo!
Doctor Who…wins an award!
Doctor Who…wins another award!
Rob Shearman…wins an award!
David J Howe…wins an award!
Matt Smith…wins an award!
More Adventure Games…coming soon!
Sonic Screwdriver…Wiimote!
Sonic Screwdriver Stylus…for Nintendo DS!
Remembrance of the Daleks…action dolls!
Meglos…coming to DVD!
The Ark…coming to DVDf!
Future DVD release…rumours!
Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 DVD…UK release date!
Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 DVD…US release date!
Geoffrey Burgon…dies, sadly.
Murray Gold’s Specials Soundtrack…delayed!


The Time…Of Angels!

5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #217 – You Won’t See Me

  1. Lots of shows across north america do this mid season gap,
    including one of my favourites. Stargate: Universe (SGU).
    all stargate franchiases have done this, to my announce. but there is a good reason. if the season is broken up, we get more stargate across the year, rather than concentrated at one point in the year. this is i think much better for the franchaise. after all, out of sight, out of mind.
    unfortunately, there is one major downside. with the new series. SGU, they left the mid season on a major cliffhanger (not unusual, i will grant you), but sgu is very different from previous versions, i was enjoying it so far, but i was worried they would ruin it, so i put off watching sgu about a month longer once the episodes resumed airring.

    happily, i very much doubt that this would be the case with DW. so, we’ll be tortured. but it will be so worth it. and we will thank the bbc for it at the end ( those jerks ).

  2. Idea!
    the angel in the tv signal, hidding. can no longer exist because the angel it was copied from fell into the crack. maybe, in someway that cant be explained, the angel in the tv survives as. . . The Wire, falling through time and space to the 1950’s where unable to feed off time energy, it switchs to eating faces. thoughts?

  3. You guys love this episode way more than it deserves. Yes, it has taut direction, but the weeping angels are used totally differently from the ep where they were introduced. And River Song is really annoying here, endlessly teasing the Doctor for no reason (he saved her life!), whereas in the Library, she seemed quite sweet toward him.

  4. It’s a different classification of Angel and a different time in River’s life, one has to expect some differences in the characterizations IMO.

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