Radio Free Skaro #227 – A Day in the Life


Radio Free Skaro #227 – Click here to listen

For the first time in many months, the Three Who Rule were delighted to welcome Tachyon TV’s Neil Perryman back into the fold to not only discuss the week that was in Doctor Who, but to be present for Neil’s first commentary since watching The Stolen Earth 27 times in one weekend to prepare the last ever Tachyon TV commentary podcast. The episode in question is Gareth Roberts’ The Lodger, episode 11 of Series 5. As usual with Neil, the boundaries of decency for Radio Free Skaro were pushed ever further, as was the level of integrity and humour. A good time was had by all!
Show Notes:

A Christmas Carol…at 6pm!
Piers Wenger…talks Series 6!
Peter Hoar…to direct Series 6?
Marshall Lancaster…cast!
New production staff for…Torchwood!
Sarah Jane Adventures…viewing figures!
Doctor Who coming to…Playstation Network!
A new book called…Special Sound!
Craig Ferguson…lost cold open!
Sil and Peri…action figures!
New Doctor Who: The Adventure Games…coming Christmas Day!
Mazes of Time…preview!
This Week in Doctor Who…returning!




7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #227 – A Day in the Life

  1. So after listening, I’m glad I bought a hoodie with the RFS logo last month.

  2. “Who is building another Tardis?’
    ‘The Silence.”

    Totally heard that as “The Cylons” and had to go back again to make sure.

    BSG v. Doctor who cross over? Is the doctor the one who nuked the colonies?

  3. Marvellous as ever, chaps! Though I would say that James Corden being disliked in the UK is less to do with any hatred of successful people than with his being an over-exposed one trick pony.

  4. Hugely enjoyable as always. Still the best DW podcast around.
    Surprised though that all four of you subscribe to the idea that we’re supposed to think the Doctor doesn’t know about football. It’s so clear in the episode that he’s having a bit of fun at Craig’s/the team’s expense, manufacturing a bit of ‘beginner’s luck’ to win everyone over. If the 507 regens thing can be taken as the Doctor messing about, then why not this? Besides, we know from the Big Finish stories that the 8th Doctor was a bit of a footie fan (his only failing!)

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