Radio Free Skaro #226 – I Feel Fine


Radio Free Skaro #226 – Click here to listen

The time has finally come for The Three Who Rule to sink their teeth into Vincent and the Doctor as the Series 5 commentary series continues. Vincent has been a polarizing episode both amongst the Radio Free Skaro gang as well as much of fandom in general with opinions firmly seated on both sides of the fence. Will opinions change with another viewing and an open debate? Will assertions of greatness or dreadfulness fall on deaf ears? The news of the week rounds out this episode along with a teaser of what’s to come next week…
Show Notes:

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A Christmas Carol…Synopsis!
A Christmas Carol…7PM Start Time?
A Christmas Carol…December 26 on SPACE!
Lost In Time…Ratings!
Paradise Towers…On DVD In 2011!
Meglos…DVD Details!
Doctor Who…Comes To iOS!
Wiped!…a fantastic book!
Ingrid Pitt…Died.


Vincent…And The Doctor!


10 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #226 – I Feel Fine

  1. You’ve deprived your teenage selves by not having seen Ingrid Pitt in Hammer’s The Vampire Lovers.

    She also appears opposite Jon Pertwee in an amusing segment of the Amicus portmanteau horror The House That Dripped Blood.

    It’s a shame she was never involved in the extras on the Doctor Who DVDs.
    She did some great commentaries for her horror films. She was hilariously indiscreet and scathing of director Peter Sasdy. On the commentary for UK DVD of Countess Dracula she bemoans the fact that there’s not enough violence and she didn’t appear nude as much as she would have liked.

    A really entertaining star and a better actress than she’s sometimes given credit for.

  2. My opinion remains unchanged in that I thought this was a middling story. I think everyone wants to hail this as a classic just because it’s Richard Curtis but it doesn’t come close. I felt it was a low point in Season 5, myself.

    Also, I enjoyed the review of Wiped! It’s whetted my appetite enough that I will probably pick it up when I get a spare buck or thirteen. Any plans on reviewing “Running Through Corridors” when it gets released?

    Keep up the fine work, gents.

  3. Middling is an overstatement for this episode but we’ll let the commentary (and initial review in past) speak for us of course.

    We fully intend to discuss Running Through Corridors as soon as we can. Usually we’re coy about plans but we’re just too excited about the book to be anything but up front about it. We’ve been graciously given a review copy by the publisher and hope to have some discussion about it sooner than later.

  4. Low point of the season? I think ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ was a definite improvement over the previous three stories.

    The story would have been stronger without the Krafayis (invisible chicken). Plus, it would have been great, I think, to have a pure historical in ‘Doctor Who’ once again sans monsters (other than Van Gogh’ own demons).

    I think this would have made this story that much sadder if the invisible chicken was, indeed, a product only of Vincent’s mind. I can imagine the Doctor explaining to Amy, with great sadness in his voice, that Vincent truly was imagining things. The deaths of the villagers were the work of a killer.

    Of course, this would have been a totally different story. But even with the invisible chicken, I think the story was one of the 5th series best.

  5. After your interview with 2|entertain’s Dan Hall last month, I was hoping the RFS team would be able to interview someone with the Restoration Team. I think much of our enjoyment of Classic Who is attributable to the fine work this group has done for the preservation and betterment of vintage Who. Dedicating a hour to hear an interview with the Restoration Team would be fab.

  6. We’ve twice had Steve Roberts from the Restoration Team. Check back in the archives for our Gallifrey coverage each of the past two years.

  7. @Mag: The Krayfis gives cover for a weak story. Take it out and all you’re left with is schmaltz. I can’t see where this is better than Amy’s Choice or the Silurian two-parter. Those stories have their weaknesses, sure, but they are engaging. In the end, I was just bored. I’ll admit it, I’m tired of the celebrity historical figure stories. Dickens was nice but after that, it became tedious.

    @Chris: I can’t wait to hear the review. I’ve been excited about this book ever since details were released. Plus, I think I would prefer Hadoke’s and Shearman’s takes on things than the Time Team that Doctor Who Mag unleashed on us.

    And since next episode is 227, would it kill you guys to toss in a Marla Gibbs reference?

  8. Though he’s not yet finished the run (and didn’t meet his November 23 self-imposed deadline), Steven’s Chronic Hysteresis followed a similar path and is well worth a read for anyone who may not have seen it (see the widget on here for that).

    As for the 227, I seem to recall making a reference to the TV show in planning stages some time ago and it fell flat so I doubt that’ll happen. 🙂

  9. I’ve been meaning to read CH for some time but I never have gotten around to it. This will be rectified immediately.

    Oh, and if The Three do decide to go to Chicago TARDIS, I might have to come out of hiding.

  10. I loved the van gogh episode! the space chicken was largely unnecessaary.
    I found it overall a interesting trip through the psychology of someone who has been affected by The Crack.

    Also, the trumped up ‘rom-com’ commerical was awesome.

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