More Doctor Who Series 6 Details

<![CDATA[Piers Wenger, executive producer of Doctor Who, was recently interviewed by Crave Online and gave some tidbits regarding the upcoming Series Six. Among other details, Wenger mentioned the DVD branding for the upcoming series will probably have everything labeled Series Six although the production staff is treating each half as a separate series. Wenger also noted the return of Toby Whithouse, creator of Being Human and author of The Vampires of Venice last series, who will be penning an episode. Likely precluding the Daleks coming back, a first for any series since the show’s return in 2005, Wenger also said there will be no classic Doctor Who monsters returning in the upcoming series.

Other items get discussed, such as the mystery of River Song, the impact of Amy and Rory’s marriage, consideration of having Paul McGann return and the possibility of more overseas filming. Read the full interview here.]]>

One Comment on “More Doctor Who Series 6 Details

  1. Thanks for referring the article.

    The likely absence of the Daleks is very interesting. I always assumed that Victory of the Daleks and the New Dalek Paradigm was to fulfil a plot—it was a weak story because it wasn’t devised to be entertaining primarily, but rather to have a vehicle in which to introduce new Daleks. Yet, those Daleks were inconsequential in the Series 5 finale, and won’t be in Series 6. So why the redesign?

    Is it going to be some end of Moffat era return?
    Was it just an excuse to sell toys?
    Did Moffat just want to remake the Daleks according to his vision?

    I’m betting it’s the first one.

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