Radio Free Skaro #194 – New Car Smell


Radio Free Skaro #194 – Click here to listen

The Daleks are back! And that’s…..well, middling. The Three Who Rule chewed over “Victory of the Daleks,” including the new, sleek models that have all of fandom agog with either love or hate, the WW2 models that instantly warmed our coal-black hearts, and the jowly presence of one Winston Churchill, saviour of Britain. Still, it’s thankfully no “Daleks in Manhattan”. Geronim-ate!
Show Notes:

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6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #194 – New Car Smell

  1. Just wanted to provide a rejoinder to your comments on local fan groups – While not a “fan club” in the DWIN and DWAS sense of the world (no dues etc.), the local New York City group DWNY has gone from strength to strength since the new series started and is getting bigger all the time! And we regularly have 40+ people for our monthly pub meets and nearly broke 100 at our last Viewing Party! (If it gets any bigger, I will need a new venue!)

  2. I agree with ou guys completely. The new episode wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t all that good either. I mean it had great bits but the whole episode was short and mostly for build-up of things to come. Power Ranger Daleks are a bit iffy for me, but would be nice merchandise lol. Matt Smith is still brilliant though and Amy is a great companion so far. I do hope the next episode is going to be as great as it seems to be, though I’m not fond of River Song I’ll give her a chance.

  3. I think this might be the first time that i have agreed 100% with your episode review.
    good, not great, way to fast (might’ve made a great 2 parter. . . maybe).

    Other notes – no sign of the farng tooth fetish. unless you count bracewell’s goofy smile.

    and finally
    Power Rangers was awesome
    but it did not age well. oh no.

  4. I can’t believe you forgot to mention Pele and Bobby Moore when you brought the classic film known as “Victory”.

  5. I completely agree about this episode: ultimately OK, but still a disappointment.

    The plot was actually pretty clever (i.e., the Daleks baiting the Doctor into kickstarting their Make-A-Dalek machine), but the story lost its way as soon as the new Daleks appeared. Not because of them, but because the story didn’t seem to know what it wanted to do at that point. I was thinking afterwards that you could easily imagine this as a Pertwee 6-parter (e.g., extending the “build us new technology” bit to an episode or two, etc.), or a jaunty McCoy 3-parter.

    The WWII setting was shockingly wasted. Compare what we saw here to the vastness of the Blitz in The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (or indeed, even to The Curse of Fenric!). Here, we got a couple of rooms, a hallway, and a rooftop. 1977 production strategy, plus green screen and CGI. Hmm. I’m guessing this may have been the “cheap” episode of the whole season.

    The direction, as you guys pointed out, was questionable throughout as well. On that note, is it just me, or is the direction and editing just a little bit “off” this season on the whole? Even “The Eleventh Hour,” gorgeous as it was, had a few odd cuts and continuity errors that jumped out at first viewing.

    Still, Smith was fantastic. I first thought his performance was primarily Troughtonesque, but as the weeks go by, the primary flavors (from this fan’s POV, at least) seem to be early Tom Baker + late McCoy + a smidgen of McGann. But, still wholly original and all Matt Smith at the same time.

    Love the ‘cast, and your reviews in particular. Keep it up!

  6. I quite liked this episode, probably a bit more than The Beast Below. Yes, the Bracewell-bomb talk-down was fumbled, but the idea was fine. The Beast Below had too many head-scratchers: how did they build a ship around the space whale without ever discovering the incredibly simple secret? How do you have a police state with child enslavement AND democratic voting on the foundation of the society? And why would anyone ever vote if some people disappear and everyone who did come out said “I don’t remember anything”?

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