Radio Free Skaro #195 – Graham Crackers


Radio Free Skaro #195 – Click here to listen

A rare occasion for Radio Free Skaro this week in that all three hosts were unanimous in their praise of The Time of Angels, one of the true high points in recent Doctor Who history that not even a slightly reduced duration or an animated Graham Norton could spoil. On top of this, the usual cadre of ratings discussions, all of which is also universally positive on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as general blathering about the week that was in Who. Oh, and did everyone remember to watch Over The Rainbow after Doctor Who?
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Episode Four…The Time of Angels!
The Time of Angels…Viewing Figures!
The BBC…Apologizes!
Victory of the Daleks…Appreciation Index!
The Beast Below…Final Viewing Figures!
The Eleventh Hour…BBC America Powerhouse!
The Eleventh Hour…SPACE Ratings!
Vampires of Venice…On May 8!
Vampires of Venice…Synopsis!
Matt Smith and Katy Manning…On Sarah Jane Adventures!
The First Doctor Who Adventure Game…City of the Daleks!
The Second Doctor Who Adventure Game…Will Feature Cybermen!
Doctor Who…Returns to the Proms!
The Planet of Fire…Director’s Cut!
Revenge of the Cybermen and Silver Nemesis…On DVD!
The Dominators…DVD Extras!
Torchwood USA…Not At FOX!


3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #195 – Graham Crackers

  1. I always thought they were meeting out of order. . .
    What is the point of the diary otherwise? in silence in the library, didn’t she say “shall we go by diaries?” plural, the doctor will have one as well. The way i see it, the doctor and river are fated (doomed?) to encounter each other through out there lives entirely non-linearily, hence, the diaries as a reference point to figure out where their are in each others personal timelines without ‘spoiling’ to much.

    Assuming River knows about regeneration, she might have thought Ten was a new face, not an old one. it does beg the question, how man incarnations river has interacted with.

    Like the episode, acting was top rate, Amy and the angel were good! my only complaint – not as scary as blink.

    Loved the podcast guys, couldn’t wait for it to go up.

  2. Camelion in CGI….I smell a new spinoff!!!

    And Warren’s rendition of the Shada score….is event listening, Gents. That one should make it to “The Best of RFS”.

  3. You asked what it would be like if they ‘cut the funny bits out”…. just try and find someone with a copy of the BBC America rebroadcast of The Eleventh Hour from mid week last week. They cut the story down to get the show and commercials in under 60 min – All the “funny” bits were gone… the many food items, the car door/lock & tie, “look in the mirror” etc. Happened to catch it while up late working on a project. Hated it so much had to stay up later and re-watch DVR’d Saturday broadcast to get the ‘funny’ bits.

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