Radio Free Skaro #196 – Eyes Wide Shut


Radio Free Skaro #196 – Click here to listen

The Two Who Rule (Chris was consumed by a Weeping Angel and sent back in time to 1973) were effusive in their praise of one of the best episodes not only of this season but of Doctor Who’s storied history, lauding both Matt Smith for his great performance and Steven Moffat for one of the scariest episodes in recent memory. Without Chris, the Two Who Rule were unable to effectively slag RTD (though they tried) or dismiss David Tennant’s contributions to the program (perish the thought!) though they did their best to not slip into a coma while discussing ratings. Allons-onimo!
Show Notes:

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7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #196 – Eyes Wide Shut

  1. Once again I feel completely out of step with the rest of Doctor Who fandom. Dont get me wrong, I’m enjoying this season well enough, and I like Matt Smith’s portrayal of the Doctor far more than I thought I would. Especially when he doesent veer to much towards Tennant’s manic hyperactive delivery. But once again Steven Moffat’s scripts are leaving me cold and the Weaping Angels especially just don’t do it for me. I can appreciate them as solid stories that are well crafted, but too many times I find myself drifting off and becoming bored half way through. Then the next day when I find out that Tv Critics and fans alike are saying that this was one of the finest episodes in 40 years I become angry with myself for not seeing what everyone else is seeing. Just why do Steven Moffat’s scripts bore me so much????

  2. First off… Wow, you can leave comments here. Guess I need to pay more attention to details. 😉

    I also really liked this episode, and finally we have gotten back to a truly a-sexual Doctor (particularly demonstrated towards the end).

    This was a definitely full-on episode, everything from the drama and pacing to even the explanations of things. I thought the visuals and the whole 2001-esq attention to gravitational orientation.

    You guys are right about the RTD eraser. That’s really cool, and surely lets him jettison anything he (and seemingly we the audience) don’t really want to have in the story line.

    I’m also starting to like Matt Smith more than Dave Tennant. Just wow…

    Love the Weeping Angels; definitely one of the best bad guys of the whole franchise. Love “Angel Bob” too. I think also that these stories have become far more serious than what RTD was doing.

    Speaking of the Doctor’s age… what’s up with that? He was at 953 in “Time and the Rani”. RTD totally screwed this up, and I recognize Steve is doing the best he can to get away from RTD’s mis— judgements?

    The whole “comfy chair” thing gave me a Monty Python flashback. It would have been funny if the first angels to get in there had been wearing red or something. But anyhow…

  3. So I’m riding the subway to work, listening to RFS and playing Pathpix on my iPhone, same as every Monday. No sooner does Warren utter the words “the dark hand of Chris still controls us all” than my iPhone crashes. Screen fills with garbage, audio stutters for a second, then it blanks out to the Apple logo. Now it’s completely dead. Won’t boot.

    Damn you, evil powers of Radio Free Skaro hosts!

  4. It was 906 in End of Time. But it continuously pisses me off that he seems to be burning through regenerations at a rapid rate right now vs the Classic Series, where he spends 50-100 years per regen. I’m with you, get off the age thing. Don’t even bring it up. Just seems like RTD thought 1000 didn’t sound right – so go with 900. Silly, really.

  5. I take that since he is back there he will be working at recording all the episodes of doctor who that are missing from that time.

  6. I’ve just starting to listen to your Podcast and want to say thanks. It’s the most professional and easy to listen to of all the Whocasts I’ve tried.

    Just wanted to note that is was interesting that in your Graham Harper interview he states that he was offers a job directing this series but was anlready booked. In the Digital Spy intereview with Adam Smith linked here he says he was at first, only doing one episoed, I assume 11th hour-so it must have been the Angels two parter Graham was offered?

    That would have been interesting. As I much as I like Graham’s work I think Smith’s work on this has been perfect.

  7. ETA: Sorry about the typos. I had the editorial assistance of a 3 year old.

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