Radio Free Skaro #193 – Cetacean Emancipation


Radio Free Skaro #193 – Click here to listen

Another strong week for new Who as “The Beast Below” solidified the love of the Three Who Rule for Matt Smith, otherwise known as “the new kid we think will work out just fine.” Add a potent mix of thrilling stats, fictitious awards, and rare praise for Torchwood, and you’ve got a podcast, by gar!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Episode Two…The Beast Below!
The Beast Below…viewing figures!
The Eleventh Hour…appreciation index!
Victory of the Daleks…on April 17!
The Time of Angels…On April 24!
The Time of Angels…Synopsis!
Doctor Who…Adventure Games!
Doctor Who…Hugo Nominations!
Doctor Who…Welsh BAFTA nominations!
The Creature From The Pit…On DVD!


3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #193 – Cetacean Emancipation

  1. Another great podcast. I have to agree with Steven about the theme tune. Divorced from the iffy animation of the title sequence it’s actually not bad. I still don’t like that damn TARDIS thing in the logo, though.

  2. Thanks for the great podcast this week and last. I can’t wait for Saturday on BBC America! But come on… the new music and intro visuals suck… even my 12 yr old hates them.
    Also, I’m sure you have seen the stuff posted here..… great audience feedback!

  3. Three episodes confirm the pointy-teeth agenda!

    What did the space whale, while out in space, vomit into?

    Great “ep” guys!

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