July 2010 Doctor Who DVD Releases for North America

<![CDATA[A bumper crop of four different Doctor Who DVDs, comprising five stories, will be released in North America on July 6. The Space Museum/The Chase set represents the William Hartnell era. As noted in Radio Free Skaro #184, the scene containing The Beatles’ performance of “Ticket To Ride” will be excised from all DVD versions outside of Europe.

Also due out are the three stories included in the UK “Myths and Legends” box set, but sold separately in North America: The Time Monster, Underworld, and The Horns of Nimon.

Below are the covers for each DVD:

Doctor Who – Story #015, 016: The Space Museum / The Chase (The 1st Doctor/William Hartnell)
3-DVD set (4 episodes and 6 episodes), $49.98 SRP
Doctor Who – Story #064: The Time Monster (The 3rd Doctor/Jon Pertwee)
1-DVD set (6 episodes), $24.98 SRP
Doctor Who – Story #096: Underworld (The 4th Doctor/Tom Baker)
1-DVD set (4 episodes), $24.98 SRP
Doctor Who – Story #108: The Horns of Nimon (The 4th Doctor/Tom Baker)
1-DVD set (4 episodes), $24.98 SRP

Check out the full story at TV Shows on DVD.

2 Comments on “July 2010 Doctor Who DVD Releases for North America

  1. Hopefully most people reading this news already had to make their DVD playing machine multi-region for one of the various reasons (Doctor Who – The TV Movie only out in Region 2, Blake’s 7 only out in Region 2, Quatermass releases only out in Region 2, and so forth). For everyone who has already taken that step – don’t touch the Region 1 or Region 4 release of The Space Museum/The Chase. Find a UK retailer you trust and import the uncensored Region 2 version. Maybe write a biting fanfiction about the situation – or is that just me?

    If you don’t know if your player will handle Region 2 discs, now is the time to research region codes, region hacks, whatever the term is for unlocking codes on computer drives, etc. Once your machine is upgraded (or switched out and the replacement upgraded), then you can buy the Region 2 Space Museum/The Chase and boycott the Region 1 and Region 4 censored version.

    I’ll probably get the other 3 titles in Region 1 come July. I like those three stories, regardless of reputation.

  2. why? is there not? (cause there should be) a DVD box set of all the episodes for each doctor each season!
    Is there a box set? and if there is where can I purchase it, or do I have to purchase the episodes separately?
    I am maybe not the biggest fan of the series as I’m sure there are much bigger fanatics out there than me but I still would like to collect the series as not only am I a fan but my 5 yr old son likes it too!
    I would like to be an actor at some point and if that happens then I think that my major goal in acting would be not only to win an oscar but to also get the honor of being doctor who at some point.
    This is a lofty goal seeing as how a. the doctor as far as I know has been from the east like UK/Scotland etc. and I am from Canada so no accent to fall on so to speak.
    b. I am a nobody right now that works as a darn security guard.
    Anyways nice chat, get back to me if you feel like it.

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