Radio Free Skaro #190 – Ludwig Speed Kings


Radio Free Skaro #190 – Click here to listen

Rampant speculation was the order of the day for the Three Who Rule, as a spate of trailers got the thinkin’ (and other) juices flowing. New footage! A Dalek! A Cyberman! Several…other things! And 13 days to go before a new Doctor, a new companion, and a new season debut in the UK. All this and a smattering of news, some pedanting, and ribald statements.
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Gallifrey 22…First Guests Announced!
Series Five…New Trailer!
The Eleventh Hour…Red Button Loop!
Series Five Title Sequence…Still Secret!
An Old Enemy…Returns!
Series Six…Confirmed!
K-9…UK Premiere!
Tom Baker Says…He’s Doing Big Finish!
Big Finish Says…No He Isn’t, Officially!


2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #190 – Ludwig Speed Kings

  1. I think Warren’s right about the Cyberman. I don’t think there will be a Cyberman story, I think it’s a lone Cyberman.

  2. but where did it come from? and what story is that? the stonehenge one?

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