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Radio Free Skaro #200 – The Mighty 200

<![CDATA[ With Warren in the Galapagos Islands unleashing his fiendish experiments to make the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a reality, Radio Free Skaro celebrates its 200th episode, keeping things low key and just having a couple old friends over for drinks. Neil Perryman and… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #200 – The Mighty 200”

September 2010 Doctor Who DVD Releases for North America

<![CDATA[September 7th sees the North American release of, well, a couple not-so-great Doctor Who titles. Thankfully Planet of Fire is amongst the bunch to give the month a little bit of cred. Coupled with The King’s Demons in the UK, the North American release… Continue Reading “September 2010 Doctor Who DVD Releases for North America”

Radio Free Skaro #195 – Graham Crackers

<![CDATA[ A rare occasion for Radio Free Skaro this week in that all three hosts were unanimous in their praise of The Time of Angels, one of the true high points in recent Doctor Who history that not even a slightly reduced duration or… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #195 – Graham Crackers”

Radio Free Skaro #193 – Cetacean Emancipation

<![CDATA[ Another strong week for new Who as “The Beast Below” solidified the love of the Three Who Rule for Matt Smith, otherwise known as “the new kid we think will work out just fine.” Add a potent mix of thrilling stats, fictitious awards,… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #193 – Cetacean Emancipation”

Radio Free Skaro #191 – The Completionists …IN COLOR!

<![CDATA[ The new series of Doctor Who is less than a week away and with the question of Matt Smith still largely unanswered, the Three Who Rule were glad of the first proper clips from the new series so as to get a feel… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #191 – The Completionists …IN COLOR!”

July 2010 Doctor Who DVD Releases for North America

<![CDATA[A bumper crop of four different Doctor Who DVDs, comprising five stories, will be released in North America on July 6. The Space Museum/The Chase set represents the William Hartnell era. As noted in Radio Free Skaro #184, the scene containing The Beatles’ performance… Continue Reading “July 2010 Doctor Who DVD Releases for North America”

Radio Free Skaro #189 – Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?

<![CDATA[ Series Fnarg – check that, Series Five – premiere news was the order of the day as the UK, US and Australia have all announced details about their respective launches while Canada sits in the background taking notes. From the bus to the… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #189 – Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?”

Radio Free Skaro #184 – Feasts of Stevens

<![CDATA[ In the second of our daily Gallifrey podcasts, the Three Who Rule delved into the shiny, circular world of Who on DVD with special guests Steve Roberts of the Restoration Team and Steve Manfred of the Doctor Who DVD FAQ. Behind the scenes… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #184 – Feasts of Stevens”

Radio Free Skaro #182 – The Oncoming Storm

<![CDATA[ With mere days to go before Gallifrey 2010 in Los Angeles, the Three Who Rule took it upon themselves to conduct their now-annual rundown of the panels, guests, goings-on and shenanigans sure to occur, all in the name of informing our dear listeners… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #182 – The Oncoming Storm”

Radio Free Skaro #179 – No Scutage in Eternity

<![CDATA[ The news of a Doctor Who movie sent The Three Who Rule so far past the point of bile they circled back around to apathy, but not without taking a few hostages along the way. In a slow news week to end all… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #179 – No Scutage in Eternity”