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Radio Free Skaro #702 – Tin Dogs and Tin Gods

Doctor Who writer Toby Whithouse is the Miniscope’s last victim for the year, and this week we’re looking at his work on “School Reunion”, “The Vampires of Venice”, and “The God Complex”. And it’s a good thing he has so much material, because the… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #702 – Tin Dogs and Tin Gods”

Series 5 Linking Scene Two

<![CDATA[To follow up from yesterday's post about the first specially-recorded linking scene on the Series 5 DVD box set, here is the second specially-recorded scene for your delectation, linking Flesh and Stone and The Vampires of Venice: ]]>

Radio Free Skaro #220 – Your Mother Should Know

<![CDATA[ The internet exploded in Doctor Who land this past week with fans beside themselves about Regenergate and Gallifrey One hotel rooms, which caused the Three Who Rule to take time out of this episode to allay those fears. Long stories short: Don’t Panic.… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #220 – Your Mother Should Know”

SPACE Podcast – June 4, 2010

<![CDATA[After a week off from the SPACE podcast (which also, like Doctor Who itself on SPACE, took last weekend off), the Three Who Rule were back in fine form to give their thoughts on Episode 6 of the new series of Doctor Who, The… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – June 4, 2010”

Radio Free Skaro #199 – Doctor Who and the Homo Reptilia

<![CDATA[ It shaped up to be a good week for the Three Who Rule on account of the return of some of their favourite classic series monsters, the Silurians (aka Eocenes, aka Homo Reptilia). “The Hungry Earth”, the episode in which they made their… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #199 – Doctor Who and the Homo Reptilia”

Radio Free Skaro #198 – Omnipotent Space Bastard

<![CDATA[ Given the mixed reactions that The Three Who Rule have had about past attempts of surrealism in Doctor Who, one wouldn’t expect the latest noodle-scratcher to be an episode for them to agree on. But that’s just what “Amy’s Choice” was, a daring… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #198 – Omnipotent Space Bastard”