Radio Free Skaro #198 – Omnipotent Space Bastard


Radio Free Skaro #198 – Click here to listen

Given the mixed reactions that The Three Who Rule have had about past attempts of surrealism in Doctor Who, one wouldn’t expect the latest noodle-scratcher to be an episode for them to agree on. But that’s just what “Amy’s Choice” was, a daring and bold step into a world of dreams featuring pregnant Amys, awkward Doctors, and rampant elder abuse. Really, what’s not to love? And there wasn’t even one hint of The Valeyard making a return appearance. Or was there….?
Show Notes:

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7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #198 – Omnipotent Space Bastard

  1. Great podcast again, guys. I love that I find myself agreeing with you all so often. I did watch Amy’s Choice twice before listening, and it makes it even better and more stomach-wrenching when you know who the dreamlord is, as he’s ranting about the Doctor’s quirks and faults. I’m with Chris about the Doctor’s sexuality, which puts me in the minority as a female fan, but just as happy as Chris to have seen the end of the RTD/Tennant years.

  2. And another thing… I also missed the coat controversy, but I may have to disagree with you on this one. I would not put it past Moffat to a) design and b) arrange such a plot (the Doctor must run back and remind Amy of this thing because its vitally important to the finale) and in fact as I watched that scene and episode 1 again, I almost went fangirl about the possibility. The thing is, the scene is completely unnecessary to the current episode. There is absolutely no reason for the Doctor to suddenly decide that Amy needs to remember something he told her in episode 1. Plus, after all the cracks we’ve seen and heard about in the last 5 episodes, why suddenly throw in the actual clip from episode 1? The clip that shows you exactly what the doctor wants her to remember about the crack? And NONE of this in anyway determines the outcome of the current episode.

  3. Rory didn’t ‘wake up’ in the TARDIS after he died in Upper Leadworth, because the frozen TARDIS, itself, was also a dream.

    • I could buy that if the viewer wasn’t still led to believe the TARDIS was reality at that point. At every point up to that the waking in the other world was instantaneous. Definite gaffe with this scene.

  4. This episode continues the Steven Moffat trend of “It’s just a fun romp and highly enjoyable” Dr. Who episodes.

    The more I think about this, the more I wonder if MattDoc is simply undergoing some kind of psychosis. It would be interesting to see it pan out.

    By the way, why does it matter *when* Rory woke up? If you wrote the episode, guys, he’d have woken up when you wanted him to wake up, and if I wrote it he’d wake up when I wanted him to.

  5. Hey guys. another good podcast, about a fantastic episode.

  6. You joked about “cold blood”, “the cold blood”, “colden blood” (or something like that”. How about: Bloody cold. 🙂

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