March 2011 North America Doctor Who DVDs


Details have emerged for DVDs due in North America in March, 2011. Two DVDs will street on March 8, one to play catch-up with the UK releases and one due not long after its UK counterpart. The Seeds of Doom and The Ark will help bring North America more in line with releases across the pond. Many people on this side of the Atlantic, not the least of which are The Three Who Rule, are especially anticipating The Seeds of Doom.

Read more at Click on the cover art to see a larger version.


5 Comments on “March 2011 North America Doctor Who DVDs

  1. I have a question, why is the cover art for the region 2 releases so radically different from the Region 1 & 4 releases?

  2. Artwork has been rather different since the inception of the range, really. Not too sure why. Perhaps for easy identification from afar?

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