Radio Free Skaro #221 – 2 Entertain or Not 2 Entertain


Radio Free Skaro #221 – Click here to listen

A special treat this week: an interview with Dan Hall, Commissioning Editor of the Doctor Who DVD range at 2 Entertain. Dan expounds on many a hot topic in the world of Doctor Who shiny discs, including animated reconstructions, the Revisitations box sets, and much, much more, including a look ahead to what will be a very busy 2011 for Doctor Who DVD fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Also, the Three Who Rule give their thoughts on the most recent Sarah Jane Adventures outing, “The Vault of Secrets”, as well as deal with a few other sundry matters. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
The Vault of Secrets…Episode 1!
The Vault of Secrets…Episode 2!
BBC One HD…Launch Date!
Mark Sheppard…Cast In Doctor Who!
Doctor Who Nintendo Games…Due November 12!
Doctor Who Nintendo Games…More Details!
The Mutants and The Ark…DVD Details!
Graham Crowden…Dies.

Dan Hall…of 2 Entertain!
Follow Dan Hall…on Twitter!


4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #221 – 2 Entertain or Not 2 Entertain

  1. The Dan Hall interview was very informative. It’d be interesting to see if “Shada” ever does get released, as well as whether they get with the right animation company to work on lost stories. I’d love to see “The Moonbase” get the animation treatment.

  2. Also, Gallifrey Base has asploded over Dan Hall’s implied impugning of recons.

    And, yes, I know this is why you disdain reading fan forums.

  3. I rather enjoyed the Peter Pervis commentaries on the Space Museum and The Chase – he had obviously done some swatting up and kept it lively , informative with plenty of anecdotes! More of Peter Pervis please !

  4. Great job with the Dan Hall interview.

    Thank you for bringing it to the podcast. Personally, I think Hall is right that the BBC audio versions of the lost stories are preferential to the fan reconstructions. As wonderful as the recons are, I find them more disruptive and harder to follow than the audio-linked soundtracks.

    Ideally, 2|entertain will find a way to animate the missing stories, but until then the ‘official’ BBC audio soundtracks are there to fill in the gaps. (I just wish they’d redo ‘The Macra Terror’ with one of the story’s companion’s doing linking narration.)

    Anyway, the recons are already available for those who want them.

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