Series 5 DVDs To Exclude "Next Time" Trailers

<![CDATA[As fans who have bought the first volume of Doctor Who Series 5 releases will have noticed, there are no “Next Time” trailers included at the end of the episodes. This decision will carry over to future volumes as well as the box set release in the fall. Nothing formal has been announced by 2Entertain or the BBC however those who have lodged complaints have been informed of this fact. This decision affects both DVD and Blu-Ray releases and will be welcomed by some while being derided by others to be sure. Customers who are disappointed in this decision can contact 2Entertain to express their feelings.

Reprinted below are emails forwarded to Radio Free Skaro containing replies to costumer complaints and queries. Contact information for 2Entertain is contained within the emails.


Dear Mr Frost

In response to your earlier e-mail I have checked back with the production team and have learnt the following:

1. The only difference is a slight change to the sound effects used on the transmitted version. Lightening [sic] sound effects were added, particularly as Matt and Karen’s names appear, just prior to TX that only the TX version would have.

2. There is an inconsistency across the logos supplied to 2E with some being BBC Wales, others BBC Worldwide. Rather than jeopardise our release date for Vol. 1 2E proceeded (with the approval of the BBC) in the knowledge that the complete box set (release due later in the year) will feature only BBCWW logos.

3. The decision not to include “Next Time’s” was made at Executive level in 2009.

So point 2) will be changed in the Box Set but 1) and 3) will not. I think it fair to say that re point 3) we are currently receiving a mixed response with several fans expressing pleasure at their exclusion but rest assured we will feed back into the BBC the letters/e-mails we receive from the loyal fan base so they can consider their option with regard to future series.

Truly sorry this is such a disappointment for you.

Thank you again for your e-mail and should you have any further questions please send to

Kind regards

Ally Ward
Programming Manager


Dear Mr Gibson

Thank you for your recent e-mail. The decision to remove the Next Time Trailers was made in 2009 and these will not feature on the Complete Box Set due out later this year.

Sorry this has caused you such disappointment. We will of course advise the BBC of your comments.

Thank you again for your e-mail and should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact

Best wishes

Ally Ward

Programming Manager]]>

20 Comments on “Series 5 DVDs To Exclude "Next Time" Trailers

  1. Well my kids can’t cope with there being no ‘Next Time’ trail at the end of a classic four-parter. Their going to have a fit if they’re missing from the Series 5 DVDs! They’re such an integral element of the experience of watching an episode of new Doctor Who; it’s a really odd decision to remove them.

  2. This sucks. In the U.S., BBC America makes their own next time trailers. Now, I’ll have to go to YouTube to see them. Part of the charm of Doctor Who is seeing what comes next. I’ll give BBC America credit, though: their next time trailers are a hundred times better than what Syfy used to make. Theirs were a joke.

  3. Ian Levine has apparently expressed his disapproval of the 2Entertain decision to remove the Next Time trailers. His contribution follows, pasted verbatim as was passed on to me:

    “Having bought each and every Doctor Who DVD that you release, I am disgusted that you are releasing the current Matt Smith series without the “Next Time” trailers contained in the episodes.

    With Doctor Who, there is often a feeling amongst fans that 2 Entertain try to make as much money as they can while giving little back.

    I am reliably informed that this time ” The decision not to include “Next Time’s” was made at Executive level in 2009.”

    This is disgrace frankly. If you’re going to release your programs, they should be done without unnecessary cuts or edits. This is done for no good reason at all, smacks of boardroom bureaucracy and lack of care, and grossly offends me as one of your customers.

    It’s time you had some customer loyalty.

    A similar thing is currently happening with one of your releases of the old classic series. “The Mind Of Evil” from 1971 has not been released because episode one will cost money to restore back to its original colour, and so consequently has been pushed back to the end of the release commitment, with no promise of it being in colour at all once it is eventually released.

    You make multi millions from Doctor Who, and it’s time you worried less about the amount of your profit and more about the fans who buy your product.

    Sometimes I am ashamed. And this is as someone who has helped you with tons of rare extras in the past.

    Ian Levine”

  4. I have strongly worded my complaint the 2|E. This is disrespectful to the experience of watching these episodes and to TV fans in general who prefer these trailers included.

  5. surely they could at the very least include them in the extras? Like movie trailers, they can be little masterpieces of editing in their own right – the ‘next time’ preview of Victory of the Daleks was an excellent example.

  6. Well, I’ve emailed my complaint – and pointed out that completist Doctor Who fans, of which their are doubtless a higher percentage than most shows, probably already record Doctor Who: Confidential to burn to DVD to keep, knowing that the series boxsets only contain the cut-down version… and it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to imagine these fans will record the episodes as well in the 2011 series if the 2010 full-series box set is released with material edited out of the as-broadcast version of the actual episodes.

    Not that I condone such practices, but 2entertain will likely only alter their decision if they can be convinced it may hurt their future profits.

  7. Good call. Next Time trailers are there to tease for next weeks episode and ensure you come back — not a problem when you’re watching the episode on DVD. I wish more shows would follow this cue and get rid of “Next time” or “Previously on…” clips, because they’re kinda redundant on DVD box sets.

  8. Doesn’t really surprise me. As each of their DR WHO box sets have been more expensive then any other BOX set I own and have always, ALWAYS been missing something and have godawful, irreplaceable packaging. Packaging that means if you want to watch, say, Blink, you have to pull out the whole thing and fold it out on a table or something then pull out another disk that is on top of it. Also they are often hard to place back in their cases sometimes. Sigh.

    Complaints by series:
    Series 1 -Actually alright but no deleted scenes (not found in time but never included on any other box set, etc) and annoying plastic slip case over the fold out box thingy
    Series 2-No attack of the Grask. Obviously created just for the DVD. Children in need should be part of the episode list not hidden as an extra. It is part of the story.
    Series 3-No Infinite quest. Did I mention this set is more expensive then any other box set out there? And they couldn’t make it complete???
    Series 4-I know a few of you will be anal about this like me. The SPINE has a different sized who logo and now ” Doctor Who: The Complete 4th Series” is in all caps, making it not match the rest of my new series collection.
    Specials- No Dreamland, and would it have been that hard to put the 2 Tennant episodes from Sara Jane? (missing all the commentaries too on this set).

    I know some of these are nit picky but there you go. 2 entertain never surprise me with an extra, just what I expect or less and that should not be the case with such expensive box sets.

  9. BTW to stay on topic more. I don’t really mind either way about the Next Time Trailers. The only one I hate is the one from the end of Boom Town which ruins the surprise that the Daleks were returning in Bad Wolf. Bad Wolf is built around the slow reveal that it is the Daleks, in many ways it is set up like a mystery, so to have it ruined in the previous episode’s Next Time trailer was atrocious.

  10. It won’t stop me buying the Box Set when it comes out but it does seem a shame. I wonder though what “executive level” they are referring to, is it the production team itself or just 2 Entertain. Enjoyed reading Ian Levines response, restrained as ever….

  11. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Never needed ’em in the classic series, don’t need ’em now. Actually, I was kind of hoping they’d do this.

  12. From my pov it’s a bit like not including the extra time on a football match DVD or painting eyebrows on the Mona Lisa because the gallery owner thinks the artist was wrong. Sending email now, will also ask them not to include the Graham Norton promo.

  13. Doctor Who should always be released on DVD in the way it was transmitted. No editing of any sort! I am not happy!

  14. Cant believe that the next time trailers are not being included on the DVD – they are an intregral part of Dr Who and have been since the programmed returned. Still – plenty of time to put this right before the Box Set comes out. Its NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

  15. I actually don’t mind this. I think N/T Trailers kind of lower the tension of an episode ending.

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