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Radio Free Skaro #519 – The Creeds of Cowards

Big Finish dominates the news this week, with old and new companions and Doctors flitting about throughout the audio spectrum like flitty things that flit. But the main event is our the start of our Series 9 commentaries, beginning with special guest Una McCormack…

Radio Free Skaro #496 – The Underwater Menace

Radio Free Skaro #495 – A Frown Called Mercy

Radio Free Skaro #494 – The Boy Who Would Be King

Radio Free Skaro #493 – Another Brick In The Wall

Radio Free Skaro #492 – The Log Driver's Waltz

Radio Free Skaro #492 – The Log Driver’s Waltz

With only two weeks to go before we get new Doctor Who, the news is coming fast, including a new trailer for Episode 1 “The Magician’s Apprentice”, a (very short and mysterious) video from Series 9 finale director Rachel Talalay, the upcoming DVD release…