Radio Free Skaro #486 – The Devil in Red Velvet


Radio Free Skaro #486 – Click here to listen!

rfs486Conventions and clips dominate the news, with events in Germany, Australia and of course goings on concerning the upcoming Long Island Who, but also a look back at the New Adventures era through the fine folk at Myth Makers and a very…old-fashioned look through newsreel footage at the wedding of Jon Pertwee. The Man Himself is also the subject of a recently unearthed (and Youtubed) documentary, not to mention the focus of much praise from current TARDIS resident Peter Capaldi, who praises Three in an interview with Christel Dee on the Doctor Who Fan Show. All mere prelude to the return of Fluid Links, where we answer your questions about the program, no matter how silly or sublime!
Show notes:

Peter Capaldi…On The Doctor Who Fan Show!
Magician’s Apprentice…Cinema Screening!
Australian Doctor Who Festival…New Guests!
Germany Gets Series 9…In December!
The Doctor’s…Finest!
Berlin…Doctor Who Apple Store Event!
Myth Makers…New Adventures Documentary!
Chasing Shadows…And Missing Episodes!
Jon Pertwee…Documentary!
Long Island Who…New Guests Announced!
Jon Pertwee…Newsreel Wedding Footage!


One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #486 – The Devil in Red Velvet

  1. G’day from Aus (as I understand the locals say in their quaint dialect)

    I was listening to #486 as I jogged around Port Melbourne this morning. Just a couple of food related points if I may please:
    * A Scotch Egg is a hard boiled egg, coated in a thick layer of sausage meat (not bacon) subsequently dipped in raw egg and rolled in breadcrumbs. It may be cooked by baking but given the unhealthy nature of these cholesterol balls, deep frying is more satisfying and has negligible impact on the coronary inducing ability of the aforementioned balls of cholesterol.
    * At Dooley’s Ice Cream emporium in Apollo Bay, about 2 1/2 hours west of Melbourne down the delightful Surf Coast, you will not find Marmite flavoured ice cream but you will find Vegemite flavoured ice cream. It tastes as bad as it looks. They also do a rather splendid Hot Chilli ice cream. After I had one of those I knew about it. Let’s just say I kept the toilet roll in the fridge for a few days.
    Roll on 19th of September.



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