Radio Free Skaro #453 – Eight Is Enough


Radio Free Skaro #453 – Click here to listen!

rfs453With mere days to not only “Doctor Who: Last Christmas” but also our review of said Xmas special and even more thrillingly, our Patreon-inspired (and cringe-inducing) commentary for the infamous 1993 Children in Need special “Dimensions in Time,” the Three Who Rule ably tackled the last Fluid Links segment of the year! Questions, inquiries, posers and puzzlers abound as this Series 8 focused Q&A takes centre stage for this pre-holiday bit of RFS shenanigans. Also news, dolly derision, comic book neatness and a cool teaser for a War Doctor short film coming next year! Whee!
Show Notes:

Series 9…First Episode Title Revealed!
Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
Big Chief…Twelfth Doctor!
Action Dollies…Next Wave!
Ninth Doctor…Comic Miniseries Details!
Seasons Of War…Teaser!
Doctor Puppet…Christmas Teaser!


6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #453 – Eight Is Enough

  1. The duckpond without the ducks was resolved, he mentioned it in The Big Bang, the obvious implication being that they were sucked up by the cracks in time.

  2. The War Doctor is not cool, it’s a shallow appeal.
    Every Doctor should have at least 3 series on-screen. Big Finish had to make up for Doctors 6, 7 & 8 and they did a great job. It was a mistake to add another incarnation to the “not-enough-screen-time” category. It puts a weak link in the doctors lifeline.

  3. Has anyone ever done a commentary on a Big Finish audio?
    That could be a future Patreon-inspired commentary!
    And as the Patreon-inspired commentaries’ purpose seems to be to make the Three Who Rule suffer, the ideal Big Finish audio for that is: Doctor Who and the Pirates.
    “The Doctor Who Big Finish audio play Doctor Who and the Pirates, Or The Lass that Lost A Sailor is one long Gilbert and Sullivan pastiche. Especially in Act 3, where it turns into a musical, with music ripped straight from Penzance, Mikado, and Pinafore.”

  4. It was a notion I came up with a few years back for an April Fool’s episode, but the logistics (and delivery) of such a thing were too difficult or absurd to even make an attempt at it.

  5. My vote for best callback of series 8 has got to be Clara’s “Fear makes companions of us all” in “Listen.” I know it made some long-time Who fans irate, but I really appreciated it (but maybe that’s because “An Unearthly Child” is still one of the few classic stories I’ve seen, and the line made me feel “in the know”!)

    By the way (he said, pushing his Sherlockian spectacles up the bridge of his nose), Moriarty and Holmes did indeed meet only once in the Conan Doyle stories (“The Final Problem” — although we only have Holmes’ word for it, since the reader never “sees” Moriarty at all), although Moriarty is mentioned a handful of other times and is discussed at length in the novel “The Valley of Fear.”

    Happy New Year guys!

  6. The duck pond was a set-up for a gag in the same episode. When the Doctor is about to ram the fire engine’s ladder through the hospital window he texts Amy “Pond… duck”.

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