Radio Free Skaro #495 – A Frown Called Mercy


Radio Free Skaro #495 – Click here to listen!

rfs495We’re headed back to Skaro for “The Witch’s Familiar”, the second part of the opening story of Series 9, and the Three Who Rule have thoughts, opinions, and perspectives to share on the latest thread in the grand tapestry that is the life of Ernest Q. Davros. (Yes, that’s his name, but shhh, SPOILERS.) Despite the lack of stats, as is only right and proper, there was also news of conventions, Minecraft Doctor Who, and yes…a 5 inch Missy dolly or two. Truly, these are wondrous and expensive days for action dolly aficionados. Next week…Under the Lake!
Show notes:

The Witch’s…Familiar!
The Witch’s Familar…Poster!
The Magician’s Apprentice…Appreciated!
The Magician’s Apprentice…Sets A New BBC America Record!
Under The Lake…At 8:25PM On BBC One!
Before The Flood…Casting Announcement!
Australian Doctor Who Festival…Adds New Guests!
Paul McGann…At Chicago TARDIS!
The Web Of Fear Episode 3…Originally Found?
Missy…Action Dollie!
Doctor Who…Minecraft Skins!


4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #495 – A Frown Called Mercy

  1. Another great ep by you guys about another great Doctor Who ep. Regarding “I, Davros” which was a CHILLING Big Finish series, I think The Witch’s Familiar would fit in well with it. Basically, young Davros is a little shit but not yet completely evil in the Big Finish story. Whether the Doctor rescued him or not (somebody else COULD have) he still would have been a jerk. And talk about mommy issues…!

  2. Enjoyed hearing your reactions to the episode. I thought it was fantastic, especially for Missy’s villainy throughout, and the fact that the show made me feel sympathetic for Davros *even* on my second and third viewings! Amazing acting, great script and very inventive story.

    Capaldi’s scene as the dodgems-playing Doctor really made me think of Peter Cushing, with the pursed lips and bird-like head movements… anyone else see a resemblance? Intentional?

    Thank you for the no-prize explanation for how the Dalek in “Big Bang” could say “mercy.” (I liked the episode, but it struck me right away.) It’s much better than the wild hypotheses I was having about how maybe, what with River coming back at Christmas, the Stone Dalek could turn out to be Dalek Clara from an alternate timeline or something…..!

    When young Davros and the Doctor were walking away hand in hand, *I* heard the theme song from “The Andy Griffith Show.” (Well, no, not really, but your comments got me thinking about what I would have heard, had I heard anything.)

    Thanks for the fun discussion!

  3. I took the “I am not a Dalek” line as the callback to Asylum. We also don’t have have enough continuity reference for the Daleks to say that Witch’s Familiar doesn’t come before Asylum so Clara can still be the hybrid without the ned for it to be a future event for the Doctor (because the hints that Clara was the hybrid were laid on hella thick).

  4. This is my second episode of the podcast, and I love it! I didn’t love this episode though. To me, ending the previous episode with the extermination of Clara and Missy (knowing full well that she’d regenerate) brought back the fearsome Daleks of the original series: machines that screamed “exterminate” and killed indiscriminately — good guys, bad guys — frequently with no time for rationalization.

    I was really disappointed they weren’t really dead. It’s not that I WANT Clara or any other good guy to die, but that to me would’ve been the ideal way for Clara to exit the show. Never before has an actual companion been killed off by the Daleks — as best as I can recall — and that would’ve helped take the Daleks and the show to a new level.

    On another note, thank you for addressing the issue of the Dalek saying “mercy.” That really bugged me too, but you’re right, the Doctor didn’t hear it before. That makes sense.

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