Radio Free Skaro #496 – The Underwater Menace


Radio Free Skaro #496 – Click here to listen!

rfs496Doctor Who dives beneath the waves for “Under the Lake,” a base under siege story with ghosts, flash cards and British Sign Language….but what did Steven, Warren and Chris think of the first part of this soggy saga? More to the point, what is their hot take on “Class,” the just announced Doctor Who spin-off to be produced next year by BBC Wales(possibly at the expense of Doctor Who)? And as if that wasn’t enough, we also have Steven interviewing Clara Oswald herself, Jenna Coleman, recorded live onstage at Edmonton Expo!
Show notes:

Under…The Lake!
Under The Lake…Index Cards!
SeeHear…Profiles Under The Lake
The Witch’s Familiar…Appreciated!
The Magician’s Apprentice…UK Ratings!
The Sonic Screwdriver…May Come Back!
LEGO Ideas…Doctor Who Set Coming Soon!
Christmas Specials…Home Video Artwork!
Christmas Specials Set…October 19 UK Release Date!
Series 9 Part 1…Home Video Artwork Updated!
Long Island Who…New Guests!
New York Comic Con…Doctor Who Panel!




3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #496 – The Underwater Menace

  1. sorry I just had to make this point! can you imagine a baby having whooping cough?

  2. Really quite an enjoyable interview with Jenna Coleman. Sounds as though a good time was had. Well done Stephen!

  3. Hey guys! Just recently discovered your podcast and loving what I’m hearing! One of you mentioned that they were hoping the sonic sunglasses were not going to be permanent, with River Song coming back this Christmas, did you guys ever think that there would have to be a new screwdriver because River is shown with a screwdriver given to her by The Doctor in “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead”?

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