Radio Free Skaro #519 – The Creeds of Cowards

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rfs519Big Finish dominates the news this week, with old and new companions and Doctors flitting about throughout the audio spectrum like flitty things that flit. But the main event is our the start of our Series 9 commentaries, beginning with special guest Una McCormack as we tackle “The Magician’s Apprentice”!

Class…Filming In April!
Tennant/Tate…Big Finish Trailer!
River Song…Meets Classic Doctors In Big Finish!
Bernice Summerfield…Unbound!
Fourth Doctor Big Finish…Series Finale Details!
Doctor Puppet…Episode 7!
Doctor Puppet…Indiegogo Campaign!
Nicholas Briggs…Going To LI Who!


The Magician’s…Apprentice!

5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #519 – The Creeds of Cowards

  1. YAY! Thanks guys for “tweeking” your site so I can now download your podcasts to listen to whilst walking to work (as internet signal is spotty here in southern Spain, so annoying as hell streaming online when internet comes and goes…grrr!)

  2. Hello, Are you no longer putting your podcasts on Apple podcasts? The latest episode has yet to appear and is usually up by now.

  3. Hi, Turlough,

    Our podcast provider, Libsyn, has indicated that there have been delays recently in updating iTunes, but if you subscribe to the feed, the episodes will be delivered just fine. Fingers crossed that issue gets sorted soon…

  4. Ok, thanks for the info. Big fan of the podcast, by the way.

  5. The comments in the last few weeks being published appear to “small eye” adverse.

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