Radio Free Skaro #518 – Abbot & Costello

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rfs518Streaming is the new stats! By which we mean there’s a lot of discussion this week of strange shifts in where and when one can watch Doctor Who, with Canadians having to turn to CraveTV (or the Space Channel), Americans confused as to if Doctor Who will be on Amazon Prime or not, and general chaos reigning supreme. So really, not like stats at all, which are rock-solid numbers indicating a result. But lo, we also have an interview with James Cooray Smith, the author of the Obverse Books Black Archive tome on the 1966 Doctor Who story, The Massacre, out very soon! Listen…and learn!

Doctor Who In Canada…On Crave!
Doctor Who In America…On Amazon Prime!
Or is it?
Gallifrey One 2017…Tickets On Sale April 16!
Peter Davison…At LI Who!
Peter Purves and Anneke Wills…At Chicago TARDIS!


James…Cooray Smith!
The Black…Archive!

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #518 – Abbot & Costello

  1. In your discussion of upcoming conventions it looks like you missed (Re)Generation Who 2 which takes place March 18-20 in Maryland, USA. Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Nick Briggs, Jason Haigh-Ellery, Robert Shearman and several more guests.

    In addition, it was recently announced that Karen Gillan will be at Shore Leave in Maryland on July 16 (a one-day only appearance for her).

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