Radio Free Skaro #517 – Quel Dommage

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rfs517It’s the post-Gally period, which means lots of pent-up news of middling interest, debates about terrible video games of yesteryear, silly spoofs and condescension towards Britain’s national treasures. But the treat of the week is a previously unaired interview with one Russell T. Davies from 2011, courtesy of writer and interviewer Jeffrey Berman. Jeffrey hosted a show seen locally in Los Angeles where he interviewed notable writers about their work and writing process. The first season aired in 2008, but while interviews were conducted in 2011 (including RTD) they have never been heard…until now! Enjoy!

Doctor Who…Popular On iPlayer!
Doctor Who…Popular Across The World!
BBC Three…Moves Online!
Sheridan Smith…Returns To Big Finish!
Suzie Costello…Returns To Torchwood!
Doctor Who…Comics Day!
Steven Appearing At…Edmonton Podcast Meetup!
Target Book…Reissues!
Doctor Who Legacy…Husbands Of River Song Expansion!
Doctor Who Pinball…Funded!
Underwater Menace DVD…Delayed In North America!
Peter Capaldi…In The Shakespeare Walk!


Russell T…Davies!

5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #517 – Quel Dommage

  1. Hi guys. Sorry to say I can no longer download your podcasts as of this one. Tried through Patreon, no luck. Hopefully I’ll have no problem through itunes, but that’ll have to wait ’til I fire up my computer after work. And was really looking forward to a pick me up on my first day back to work after being home with the flu

  2. Hi Chaps. I’m in the same boat as Morna above. I’m finding it very difficult to download the podcast. I’m not sure why this has option has been taken away. Is there any way of downloading the podcast other than itunes (which I don’t use)?

    • The plugin for episode playback being used seems to have dropped the download link. We’ll see about getting it sorted as soon as we’re able but in the mean time there’s always the direct link to download this:

      [audio src="" /]
      Aside from a few early episodes the naming scheme has been the same, so insert whatever episode number in place of 517 of another episode needs to be grabbed. Sorry for the inconvenience! We’ll get on this soon, promise!

  3. Sorry, everyone! We’ll include download links under the media player henceforth so you can stream it or download it.

  4. Thanks guys for the swift response. Its really appreciated. I only noticed when I was going to download it for the gym this morning. Yes I listen to Doctor Who podcasts at the gym…

    Keep up the great work!

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