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Radio Free Skaro #700 – Valley of the Dollies

DOLLYGEDDON! There is no other way to describe the oncoming wave of plastic pals headed our way thanks to Character Options, spanning from Big Finish adventures to an Androgum-ized Second Doctor to the Imbecile himself, Harry Sullivan. There’s also a new batch of on-demand…

Radio Free Skaro #699 – The Greatest Show in the Galaxy’s Edge

Let’s get down to brass tacks here: the current Doctor Who Time Team are going to be action dollies according to teasings from the Character Options folks. All other news pales in comparison, but we do have updates on new Big Finish Productions, “The…

Radio Free Skaro #323 – The Mark of the Gatiss

Radio Free Skaro #321 – Wareing Thin

Radio Free Skaro #311 – Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid

August 2012 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases

Radio Free Skaro #309 – Silver Spoonerisms

Radio Free Skaro #250 – Sowing The Seeds of Death