Radio Free Skaro #309 – Silver Spoonerisms


Radio Free Skaro #309 – Click here to listen!

It might sound like an overstatement, but writer/script editor Dennis Spooner was one of the most important figures in the history of Doctor Who. He essentially created what is now referred to the “pseudo-historical”, introduced comedy into Doctor Who as a more prominent feature, and basically created the many mannerisms of the Second Doctor, the characterization that would go on to influence all subsequent versions of The Doctor. In order to fully pay homage to Spooner, the Three Who Rule are joined by writer Graeme Burk, whose encyclopedic knowledge of Doctor Who and deep insight into Spooner’s work makes this an enjoyable listen. Also discussed are some DVD releases to come in the next few months. Four Canadians blathering about Doctor Who in one podcast: how can you go wrong?
Show Notes:

Gallifrey One is…quite popular!
BBC Worldwide…Upcoming DVD Releases!



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One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #309 – Silver Spoonerisms

  1. I kept waiting for the good Brigadier to show up, too. Alas, now he never will unesls they get some other actor. RIP, Nicholas Courtney. You were the coolest (especially in that eyepatch in INFERNO!).

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