Radio Free Skaro #308 – Next Stop: Aberdeen


Radio Free Skaro #308 – Click here to listen!

As a result of one of the lightest news weeks in recent memory in the worlds of Doctor Who, the Three Who Rule were allowed to devote their full attention to a commentary on Elisabeth Sladen’s (first) finale in the classic series, namely 1976’s “The Hand of Fear”. Quarries, nuclear plants, Judith Paris in a sexy, skin tight rock costume, Rex Robinson’s eyebrows – surely this story was a can’t miss, epic conclusion to Sarah Jane Smith’s tenure in the TARDIS, right? Well…at least there’s that goodbye scene to look forward to, right? Also in this episode: a review of Michael E. Briant’s upcoming memoir “Who is Michael E. Briant?”, the classic Who director’s collected memories of his time on Who and other TV shows of the day. Eldrad must live!
Show Notes:

Michael E Briant…Memoir!


The Hand…Of Fear!

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