August 2012 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases


August will see two more classic Doctor Who DVDs hit retail channels in North America, on the second Tuesday as has been the norm.

Spearhead From Space: Special Edition finally makes its North American debut on August 14, and it also means fans on this side of the Atlantic will be caught up with the special edition, aka Revisitations, releases. This is the debut story for Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor, and also the first story recorded and broadcast in colour. It’s also unique as it’s the only Classic Doctor Who story to be recorded entirely on film.

The other release will be Sylvester McCoy’s Season 25 closer, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

Update: Extras information has now been made available, however there’s still no mention about the Fleetwood Mac song’s presence on the North American release of Spearhead from Space SE.

Each release is a single disc with an MSRP of $24.98. More details about these releases can be found at [Updated link.]

Update: Full cover art is available for both titles, click the thumbnail for a higher resolution look at the artwork.


One Comment on “August 2012 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases

  1. What’s most important about ‘Spearhead From Space’ is that it’s clearly designed for the new Doctor – all too often in the Who-niverse, a story in a Doctor’s first season will have been written with the previous (or indeed, no) actor in mind. This means that while there’s still slightly too much time spent with the Third Doctor in a self-induced coma, by the end of the adventure, you’re likely to have taken him to heart as the titular character.

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