Radio Free Skaro #311 – Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid


Radio Free Skaro #311 – Click here to listen!

The RFS team is scattered hither and yon this week with Steven in Madison, Wisconsin, and Warren scooping up cross-border deals in Seattle, but they still manage to crank out another episode of Radio Free Skaro for your listening delight. This week, Steven and Chris postulate on the news that was, including a discussion on the wonderful Tales of Television Centre documentary that aired on BBC Four this past week, but all of the Three Who Rule are there to commentate over the final three episodes of Inferno, the 1970 Jon Pertwee classic. It’s the end of the world as we know it…
Show Notes:

Script to Screen…2012!
The Doctor Who Experience…Returns In July!
The Eternity Clock…Begins Ticking Soon!
Moffat…Gets A BAFTA!
August 2012…Region 1 Classic Doctor Who DVD Releases!
Tales…Of Television Centre!
Radio Free Skaro…Popular!


Inferno…Parts 5-7!

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One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #311 – Lenny Bruce Is Not Afraid

  1. If there were wiped episodes of the new Who, like there are in classic Who, then it wouldn’t be the mid-run episodes like Fear Her or Voyage of the Damned (which I actually enjoyed, but then I always had a thing for Kylie).

    We would lose some older episodes, with a higer proportion of Dalek ones.

    This leaves us with the distressing situation where Fear Her and Love & Monsters would still exist but we’d lose Dalek and The Doctor Dances (we’d keep The Empty Child so someone would have to animate the ending to the story.

    As it’s the first regeneration we’d also lose The Parting of the Ways.

    There’s half a chance we’d lose The Girl in the Fireplace as well so I’m very glad that the BBC has learnt it’s lesson! Whilst Fear Her and Love and Monsters are pretty bad, the idea of losing the others is much, much worse!

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