Radio Free Skaro #321 – Wareing Thin


Radio Free Skaro #321 – Click here to listen!

Whenever anything from the Sylvester McCoy era is the focus of an episode of Radio Free Skaro, there is bound to be disagreement. Chris and Steven are usually staunch defenders of the Seventh Doctor; Warren, to be polite, not so much. But the stories that director Alan Wareing claimed stewardship of, “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy”, “Ghost Light”, and “Survival” cause all three of those who Rule to convey pretty firm opinions about not only the direction of said stories, but the overall successes and faults of each one. But before Wareing’s judgement in the Miniscope, we remember the eloquent and beautiful Mary Tamm who sadly passed away this past week, as well as speculate on what’s to come in Doctor Who and when we will see it. Have a listen!
Show Notes:

Mary Tamm…Died.
Multiple 50th Anniversary…Specials?
BBC America…Schedule!
New Series 7 Trailer…Coming Soon!
Doctor Who…Covers Entertainment Weekly!
Doctor Who…Cut From The Olympics!



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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #321 – Wareing Thin

  1. As a kid at the time, I didn’t get Greatest Show in the Galaxy, Ghostlight, and Survival. I considered them boring. But since I studied horror films, now I kinda get these serials, even if they don’t make much sense. Ostensibly they seem like traditional monster horror films, but they are really akin to surrealist and psychological horror as they focus on internal rather external conflicts.

    I felt series 1 of the revived show aped the style of the classic seasons 25-26 and the 1996 TV movie. Whether or not this was done consciously, I don’t know.

  2. But it’s the Master! Against McCoy! MCCOY!

    Also I don’t think the Cheetah people were that bad. I really quite like Survival considering. But there we go, I am wrong. (Acording to Warren)

  3. Your going to need to get me in when you do a Happiness Patrol commentary or else Warren’s McCoy hate will implode the universe.


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