Radio Free Skaro #250 – Sowing The Seeds of Death


Radio Free Skaro #250 – Click here to listen

With less than a week to go until New! Doctor! Who! The Three Who Rule delved into the distant past via the works of Brian Hayles, creator of the Ice Warriors, Luddite, and gentleman scholar, in what will likely be the last Miniscope for quite some time. Of course it wouldn’t be RFS without the latest news, analysis, and off-color banter about Rory in a Roman outfit, all of which were copiously present.
Show Notes:

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The Impossible Astronaut…April 23, 6pm on BBC One!
Doctor Who Confidential…April 23, 7pm on BBC Three!
Day of the Moon…April 30, 6-7pm on BBC One!
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Series 6…BBC America Comcast Trailer!
Steven Moffat on…The Graham Norton Show!
Matthew Graham talks about…The Rebel Flesh!
The BBC releases…spoilers!
Torchwood: Miracle Day coming to…SPACE!
The Krotons coming to…DVD!
Planet of Giants coming to…DVD!
Terror of the Zygons coming to…DVD!
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy coming to DVD…in 2012!
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy…to be released alone!
You could be part of a…Doctor Who DVD commentary!
Planet of the Spiders – The Final Cut…third preview clip!
Doctor Who Character Building…Weeping Angels mini-set!
Doctor Who talk on the…SPACE Podcast!
Who Party 15 Fundraiser…in Toronto on April 19!

Miniscope – Brian Hayles:

The…Celestial Toymaker!
The…Ice Warriors!
The Seeds…of Death!
The Curse…of Peladon!
The Monster…of Peladon!

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7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #250 – Sowing The Seeds of Death

  1. Before both BBC3 and BBC4 start at 7pm, both channels are BBC children’s channels. These are on a different number on the TV however, but share the same airwaves. These are on air from early morning until 7pm then switch over.

  2. Don’t blame us, Brian. Blame Steven Moffat and his brilliant strategy of denying us months-long gaps of Doctor Who.

  3. I blame no one, Steven. As my long departed father used to say, “when you point fingers, you’ve got three pointing back at you.”

    He also once asked, “What in the hell is a Bessie?” but that’s irrelevant to the subject.

  4. I might have imagined it to take my mind off of the actual story but I seem to remember some vaguely interesting romantic tension between the Queen and Sara Jane in Monster of Peladon. Yeah, it is probably something that only happened in my mind, or maybe you fellows cracked wise about it on the commentary track and it makes the memory of the story more palatable so it stuck. It’s really quite terrible how the stereotypically evil militaristic alien species, the Ice Warriors, were made interesting in the first Peladon story only to have all that progress undone in the second.

    Also, R.I.P. Elisabeth Sladen. I… It’s… Too soon. I’ll be in my corner crying.

  5. Just wanted to pop in here and also express my heartfelt sadness at the passing of Elisabeth Sladen. She was certainly far too young. Hopefully she’s gone to the great big U.N.I.T. gathering in the sky.

    You guys just got done having a tribute to one of Dr. Who’s legends. Sadly, now you’ll have to do another. I’m getting really tired of seeing people I like dying from this horrible disease.

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