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SPACE Blog: Torchwood: Life Beyond The Hub

<![CDATA[ (WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW) Torchwood: Children of Earth ripped through our television screens a few months ago, leaving a trail of controversy, destruction, and satisfied viewers in its wake. While CoE raised interesting questions about love, sacrifice and just how crazy Jack/Ianto fans could… Continue Reading “SPACE Blog: Torchwood: Life Beyond The Hub”

Radio Free Skaro #154 – Condo says LOL XD

Many a broadcasting intrigue formed the backbone of Whoish news this week, from BBC America’s machinations to…BBC Wordwide’s transgressions. The Three Who Rule also engaged in Socratic debate over the claims of Rona Munro, the scribe behind “Survival”, that romance in nuWho constitutes lazy… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #154 – Condo says LOL XD”

Radio Free Skaro Wednesday Cutaway – The Ballad of Jack and Ianto

In a noteworthy Wednesday cutaway, Radio Free Skaro enlisted the help of some of our LGBT listeners to hold a discussion on the recent uproar about Torchwood: Children of Earth (about which there will be spoilers!) and the perceived homophobia many in the fandom… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro Wednesday Cutaway – The Ballad of Jack and Ianto”

Radio Free Skaro #149 – Torchwood: Children of Worth

In a stunning, nay flabbergasting turn of events, the Torchwood: Children of Earth miniseries turned out to be not only a fantastic five days of entertainment but possibly one of the best things on television thus far this year. A special 4 person quorum… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #149 – Torchwood: Children of Worth”

Radio Free Skaro #71 – now airing on BBC 3 last week

Narrowly avoiding the technical snafus of last week, the RFS crew rose to the occasion and produced an hour of witty banter, insults and of course the eagerly awaited pub rumours that were so cruelly stolen from our audience last week by the vagaries… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #71 – now airing on BBC 3 last week”