Radio Free Skaro #207 – Please Do Not Throw Hands At Me


Radio Free Skaro #207 – Click here to listen

The Radio Free Skaro Classic Series Commentaries kept trucking along this week with a look at another Tom Baker story. The Robots of Death, a wonderful murder mystery, goes under examination in the form of the Three Who Rule jib-jabbering their way through four episodes of Chris Boucher goodness. Oh, and there’s some like casting news… or something… about the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special. And Torchwood news. And DVD news. But that’s all peanuts compared to robots! ROBOTS!
Show Notes:

New Designs at…Skaro Shop!
Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
Christmas Special…Announcement!
Torchwood Series 4…Characters!
Doctor Who Proms…Broadcast!
BBC Audiobooks…Sold!
Time and the Rani…DVD Details!
Patrick Troughton…Ferguson?


The Robots…Of Death!
Chris Boucher…Miniscope


9 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #207 – Please Do Not Throw Hands At Me

  1. Off-topic but can we cite a minor fan victory that Smith’s first season is being released on DVD as Series 5 and not Series 1?

  2. I hesitate to accuse anyone of foul play, but are you sure your randomizer isn’t a pair of weighted dice, which always comes up Tom Baker. I admit there are more ways to throw Tom Baker than there are ways to roll 7’s at the craps table, but the odds of 3 in a row is 1000 to 1. Be careful. I suspect the Black Guardian’s interference.

  3. Actually, the chances of having one of the 41 Tom Baker stories out of 156 possible stories three times in a row is closer to 55 to one.

  4. 160 stories (the movie is on the list; I refuse to use the new measuring scale if I can help it, bloody Benjamin Cook) less all the recons and otherwise unusable stories (eg. Shada) that are excluded drops the odds even more. The original list had 133 entries, of which 41 were Tom Baker. Barring removal of stories as they’re selected that leaves the odds at in about 1 in 34 of picking a Tom Baker story three successive times.

    1/((41/133)^3) = 34.13527082

  5. Not to be a pedant, but the Kaldor City audios were Magic Bullet productions and not Big Finish.
    It’d be awesome to see someone in a Robots of Death costume at a con or the like.
    You mention that david bailie worked on The Nightmare Fair. Did you start listening to Big Finish?

  6. Not that it matters but the movie with Jane Fonda in NY was Barefoot in the Park….. and now back to the DW world….

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