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Adam Smith, Richard Clark Return To Direct Series 6

<![CDATA[ According to the CV of new Doctor Who production designer Michael Pickwoad, Adam Smith and Richard Clark will be returning to the director’s chair for Series 6 of Doctor Who, set to begin filming shortly. Adam Smith, in our minds, was the directorial… Continue Reading “Adam Smith, Richard Clark Return To Direct Series 6”

Radio Free Skaro #208 – You May Keep The Pencil

<![CDATA[ A rare busy news week disrupts the Three Who Rule and their summer slacking off. Series 6 ramblings, fictitious awards, DVD news and talk of the SPACE premiere of The Big Bang at least help to kill some of the time until the… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #208 – You May Keep The Pencil”

Matthew Graham to write for Series Fnarg+1?

<![CDATA[Friend of the site Simon Brew over at Den of Geek is reporting that Matthew Graham, creator of the landmark series Life on Mars and its follow-up Ashes to Ashes, and of course best known in the Doctor Who world for writing Fear Her… Continue Reading “Matthew Graham to write for Series Fnarg+1?”