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Doctor Who: Insider Part 4 From BBC America

<![CDATA[Part the Fourth of BBC America's Doctor Who: Insider series features a look at the companions of The Doctor, as well as River Song. Enjoy! ]]>

Doctor Who – Premiere Week

<![CDATA[ The start of the 2011 series of Doctor Who is almost upon us, and, for the first time, viewers in the UK, USA, and Canada can all enjoy new episodes at almost the same time. For the launch of the series, the two… Continue Reading “Doctor Who – Premiere Week”

Doctor Who: Insider Part 3 From BBC America

<![CDATA[Part 3 of BBC America's Doctor Who: Insider series looks into the US location shoot for The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon, amongst other things. Enjoy! ]]>

BBC Preview Clips: The Impossible Astronaut

<![CDATA[ The BBC have released two clips from The Impossible Astronaut, premiering on BBC, BBC America, and SPACE on April 23! See both clips below: ]]>

Comcast Doctor Who Series 6 Trailer

<![CDATA[Another Doctor Who Series 6 trailer is out in the wild, this one apparently exclusive to Comcast subscribers. Quality isn't the best but that should be rectified before too much longer, we hope. Have a look! ]]>

BBC America Interview With Doctor Who Cast in NYC

<![CDATA[Here's a short backstage interview done by the Anglophenia team at BBC America with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill. This took place at a Barnes & Noble signing event in New York on April 8, 2011: ]]>

Doctor Who Series 6 CBBC Trailer

<![CDATA[Hey, look! A new :20 Doctor Who Series 6 trailer from the CBBC that has a couple new exciting clips we've not seen before. Enjoy! ]]>

Doctor Who: Insider Part 2 From BBC America

<![CDATA[Here's another Doctor Who Insider look at the upcoming Series 6, this one focusing on The Doctor himself, thanks to our chums at BBC America: ]]>

Series 6 Titles – Episodes 1-7

<![CDATA[Extreme spoilerphobes should of course beware, but here are the titles for the first seven episodes of Doctor Who, Series 6. The last of the gaps were filled in by Doctor Who Magazine in issue 433. The Impossible Astronaut Day of the Moon The… Continue Reading “Series 6 Titles – Episodes 1-7”

Doctor Who Panel at WonderCon 2011

<![CDATA[Here's the full video of the Doctor Who panel at WonderCon that took place in San Francisco on April 3, 2011. Note: the episode clips shown at the panel are NOT included in the video. Thanks to Brian Snape (@AgnosticWhovian on Twitter) of the… Continue Reading “Doctor Who Panel at WonderCon 2011”