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Radio Free Skaro #637 – Strong Work

Director James Strong faces the eagle eye of the Miniscope this week, with a look at classics like “The Impossible Planet” and “The Satan Pit”, not-so classics (but not his fault!) like “Daleks in Manhattan” and “Evolution of the Daleks”, and romps big and… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #637 – Strong Work”

Radio Free Skaro #552 – Class Is In Session

At long last, Class is here! Yes, two episodes of the newest spin-off of Doctor Who have landed (in the UK and Canada) and the Three Who Rule have their thoughts to share with you…unless you wish not to hear them, being in the… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #552 – Class Is In Session”

Radio Free Skaro #430 – Limb’s Whims

It was a week of great tumult in the world of Doctor Who, with the leaking of the first five scripts for Series 8 taking the internet by storm and sending Whovians into spasms of joy, guilt, fear and loathing. Though the scripts have… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #430 – Limb’s Whims”

Radio Free Skaro #430 – Limb's Whims

SPACE Podcast – October 7, 2011

Doctor Who – Premiere Week

Steven Moffat at the SPACE Series 5 Premiere