Radio Free Skaro #552 – Class Is In Session

NOTE: our discussion of Episodes 1 and 2 of Class occur from 12:30-46:40.

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rfs552At long last, Class is here! Yes, two episodes of the newest spin-off of Doctor Who have landed (in the UK and Canada) and the Three Who Rule have their thoughts to share with you…unless you wish not to hear them, being in the United States! We’ve conveniently put bridging music before and after our review, and put the time of said review in the show notes, for you, our American listeners (who don’t download tv shows like fiendish criminal vandals). Besides that, we also have action dolly news, confirmation of Missy in Series 10 of Doctor Who, a discussion by three middle-aged nerds about the viewing habits of millennials, and more!

Class…Episode 1!
Class…Episode 2!
Doctor Who…On InnerSPACE!
Steven Moffat Confirms…Missy Is Back!
Charlie Brooker…Was Approached To Write Doctor Who!
Power of the Daleks…Behind The Scenes!
13 Doctors…Action Dolly Set!
Millennial…TV Viewing Habits!
Class cast and Patrick Ness…At MCM London Comic Con!
Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
Steve Dillon…Died.

2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #552 – Class Is In Session

  1. Re the watching TV on the phone thing… I’m also a middle aged white man, but with kids! I’ll let you in on a secret, kids do watch hours of TV and movies on their phones and PDAs. Our six-year-old would rather watch movies and Doctor Who on his Samsung Galaxy than on the laptop or the TV, our fourteen-year-old switches between iPad and iPhone for watching TV and a Laptop for movies.

    I watched the whole of last season Doctor Who on my Galaxy Note (the non exploding type); the only person who watches the actual TV in our house is my wife, for Sex and the City reruns and the ‘True Crime’ type shows.

  2. ********Minor Spoilers for Class******

    I’m having a real problem accepting the premise of class. The idea of a bunch of teenagers being in charge of dealing with alien invasions and such worked in The Sarah Jane Adventures because people weren’t being bloodily murdered left and right. I spent most of the second episode thinking how irresponsible it was to not evacuate the school and call in UNIT. Ram’s leg would be all they would need to convince Kate Stewart to take them seriously. Even if you say that the kids don’t know about UNIT (which I don’t buy, given how openly they act in the new series), The Doctor surely does.

    I get that this would make for boring television, but the serious tone of the first two episodes (dealing with reciprocal genocide and PTSD, among other things) makes it really hard to ignore such an obvious bit of silliness.

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