Radio Free Skaro #551 – Hungry Like The Wolves

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rfs551Chip, of the currently on hiatus Two-Minute Time Lord, current Whovian gadabout, and man about town rejoins Two of the Three Who Rule (Chris is still punching his liver with an assortment of British liquids) for a brief sojourn through a paltry news list this week! Dribbles of info about Class (which premieres October 22 in various parts of the Commonwealth)…and not much else. But wait! Chris travels from the past to the present to comment on the past (confused? We are) as RFS is plagued by “The Curse…of Fenric”!

Class Ep 1 and 2 available on BBC Three at 10am on October 22
Class: everything you need to know about the Doctor Who spin-off
Doctor Who marathon on Space on October 22 leading up to Class premiere
“The Power of the Daleks” in theatres in US on November 14
10th anniversary Torchwood story from Big Finish
Doctor Who “Mr. Men” books coming Spring 2017


Chip from Two-Minute Time Lord

4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #551 – Hungry Like The Wolves

  1. Just a suggestion: For those of us… erm… without Class… Could you not review it in the main episode and release a separate mini-podcast with your review? Maybe calling it Radio Free Skaro #551Class, etc. That way those who must can avoid spoilers… and go back later and listen after we’ve seen them.

    If it helps entice you, it might mean extra Patreon money for you. 🙂 OK, controversial I grant you.

  2. Hi Trevor,

    Well, it will kind of be a mini-episode within the regular episode of RFS. There will be an opening and closing theme of some sort to alert people when the Class review begins and ends, and we’ll mention the timecode of the Class review at the start of every episode. We have listeners from around the world, including sizeable chunks in the UK and Canada who will be able to watch Class starting October 22, so not to a review at all would be disrespectful to them.

  3. Oh, you should definitely review it. I was just suggesting the review be in a different file. But if you have the time codes listed as when to stop and when to pick up again, that should be sufficient. Thanks!

    PS – Love the show! RFS that is. Class isn’t out yet, obviously, so I can’t legitimately judge it yet. 🙂

  4. Steven Universe starts off looking like it’s just a kid’s show, but the world building and character development allow it to address really complex issues as the show progresses. It’s similar to a lot of anime series in that way, where the show starts off light to draw you in, but then puts the characters through a lot before the story is over. It may still not be your cup of tea, but it deals with really difficult topics like survivor’s guilt after the death of a parent you never new, making the decision to leave your society because they don’t approve of your relationship and lifestyle, and even ethical dilemmas presented by war and its aftermath. It also has really great music and a super diverse cast. Sorry for the rant. I love your show and The Curse of Fenric is awesome!

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