Radio Free Skaro #430 – Limb’s Whims

Radio Free Skaro #430 – Click here to listen!

rfs430It was a week of great tumult in the world of Doctor Who, with the leaking of the first five scripts for Series 8 taking the internet by storm and sending Whovians into spasms of joy, guilt, fear and loathing. Though the scripts have presumably spread far and wide, Who-dom has heeded the call of #keepmespoilerfree and as of release of this episode, no major spoilage is happening in the more reputable corners of the internet.

While lest you think #8gate was the only thing happening in Who this week, rest assured there was movement in the realms of comics, Classic Who (with Retro TV bringing back our old friend on August 4th, starting with “An Unearthly Child”) and shoddily made, possibly foreign but certainly amusing “versions” of Doctor Who from Japan and….well, wherever the hell Beedeer is from.

All this, and an interview with 80’s music maestro Roger Limb in the Miniscope! Listen! WE COMMAND IT!

Show Notes:

Doctor Who Scripts…Leaked!
Deep Breath…Starts At 8:00?
Series 8…First Look!
Retro TV…Launches Doctor Who In August!
Doctor Who…Comics Day!
Titan Comics…Comic-Con Panel!
Remembering…Verity Lambert!
Philip Hinchcliffe…Big Finish Trailer!
Canadian Doctors…Video!
Doctor Who…Sherlock Easter Egg!
Zohra Sehgal…Died.



5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #430 – Limb’s Whims

  1. I really enjoyed the interview with Roger Limb, especially how the music being discussed was added in the background or as an interlude. Great job! Now I need to dig up the old episodes with other composers…

  2. For reference, I made a quick list of all the episodes featuring composers:

    430 Roger Limb
    407 Dominc Glynn
    245 Peter Howell
    232 Mark Ayres (Dick Mills)
    223 Murray Gold

    318 Paddy Kingsland
    307 Keff McCulloch
    170 Malcolm Clarke

  3. The news about the scripts being leaked hit me like a Tardis on the head – and when I heard the words “piratebay” I was in heaven. {big grin} Thank you so much. I wouldn’t have heard that news without you guys, keep up the good work!
    PS thanks also for plugging the audio Bab5 podcast. You can tell by my email address that I’m a huge fan of that also.

  4. Thanks, @verrilicious. Glad one of us is keeping track of what composers we’ve covered! I think there’s one missing for Norman Kay (yes – Norman Kay) in that list, too, though, but don’t ask me to quote the number…

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