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Let's Kill Hitler Motion Comic

<![CDATA[Doctor Who episode Let’s Kill Hitler aired on BBC America this past weekend with a special (corporate-sponsored) bonus scene: a motorcycle chase through the streets of Berlin that wasn’t filmed for certain reasons. This short scene was ultimately realized through a motion comic –… Continue Reading “Let's Kill Hitler Motion Comic”

Doctor Who Episode 13 Title Revealed

<![CDATA[As mentioned by The Radio Times, and now confirmed by the BBC, the title of Episode 13 of the current series of Doctor is the intriguing The Wedding of River Song. Read a mini-preview of each episode of Series 6.2 on the BBC Doctor… Continue Reading “Doctor Who Episode 13 Title Revealed”

Doctor Who Episode 12 Title

<![CDATA[Continuing in the new tradition of stealing the BBC’s thunder, a BBC America press release today revealed the title of Gareth Roberts’ episode 12 as Closing Time. The BBC had thus far kept the titles for Episodes 12 and 13 under wraps, but with… Continue Reading “Doctor Who Episode 12 Title”

Series 6 Resumes August 27

<![CDATA[Today during the Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Matt Smith announced the show would return on Saturday, August 27. The panel also featured the premiere of a trailer for the second half of series 6 which will be posted here soon. The… Continue Reading “Series 6 Resumes August 27”

Doctor Who Taking It Easy in 2012

<![CDATA[Over the past week or so there’s been a bit of an uproar about reports of a reduced run for Doctor Who in 2012. Nobody was saying exactly what was going on, and we still don’t know all the details, but this evening Lizo… Continue Reading “Doctor Who Taking It Easy in 2012”

Gallifrey One Guest Update – June 3, 2011

<![CDATA[The fine folks at the Gallifrey One Convention have announced a guest update for Network 23, the 2012 iteration of North America’s largest Doctor Who convention! Joining the previously announced guests such as Paul McGann and William Russell, a spate of cool folks have… Continue Reading “Gallifrey One Guest Update – June 3, 2011”

The Reign of Terror Missing Episodes To Be Animated For DVD Release

<![CDATA[ Dan Hall of 2 Entertain announced on Twitter on June 2 that the First Doctor serial The Reign of Terror will have its missing episodes (“The Tyrant of France” and “A Bargain of Necessity”, episodes 4 and 5) reanimated for its DVD release,… Continue Reading “The Reign of Terror Missing Episodes To Be Animated For DVD Release”

A Good Man Goes To War – Prequel

<![CDATA[Doctor Who is nearing the end of its current run. We've now seen The Almost People and there’s but one more story to go before the long summer hiatus. What does A Good Man Goes to War have in store for us? Whet your… Continue Reading “A Good Man Goes To War – Prequel”

Doctor Who on The Today Show on NBC

<![CDATA[Meredith Vieira of the Today Show on NBC dropped by the Doctor Who studios in Cardiff recently to, amongst other things, appear in a cameo on an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. Here's her report as put together by the BBC team and aired… Continue Reading “Doctor Who on The Today Show on NBC”

Karen Gillan on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

<![CDATA[Karen Gillan appeared on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night. Take a look! ]]>