Doctor Who Episode 12 Title

<![CDATA[Continuing in the new tradition of stealing the BBC’s thunder, a BBC America press release today revealed the title of Gareth Roberts’ episode 12 as Closing Time.

The BBC had thus far kept the titles for Episodes 12 and 13 under wraps, but with this announcement, all titles are now known for the latter half of Series 6 with the exception of Steven Moffat’s Episode 13 finale. Of course nobody outside of the production office knows when that last title will be revealed, but it wouldn’t be surprising if the BBC kept it hidden for a while yet, despite the imminent return of the series.

The episodes titles for the latter half of Series 6 are:

8. Let’s Kill Hitler, by Steven Moffat
9. Night Terrors, by Mark Gatiss
10. The Girl Who Waited, by Tom MacRae
11. The God Complex, by Toby Whithouse
12. Closing Time, by Gareth Roberts
13. Unknown, by Steven Moffat

The BBC America press release can be found here.]]>

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