Radio Free Skaro #268 – Half Way To Gallifrey


Radio Free Skaro #268 – Click here to listen!

It was quite a week in the many worlds of Doctor Who, headlined by a phenomenal Torchwood episode, the press screening for the return of Doctor Who in Let’s Kill Hitler, and a monumental Hugo Award win for the editors and publishers of one of our favourite books, Chicks Dig Time Lords. And on top of all that, it is precisely six months until Gallifrey One’s Network 23, so we have a feature chat with Gallifrey One Program Director Shaun Lyon. Full speed ahead!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…North America!
Skaro Shop…UK!
Radio Free Skaro…on GetGlue!
Radio Free Skaro…on Tumblr!
Torchwood: Miracle Day…Episode 7!
Doctor Who and Chicks Dig Time Lords…Win Hugo Awards!
Doctor Who Returns To BBC One…August 27!
Let’s Kill Hitler…Press Screening Q&A!
Let’s Kill Hitler…Prequel!
Episode 12…Titled!
Night Terrors…Synopsis!
The Middle Men…Overnight Ratings!
The Categories of Life…Appreciated!
Escape to LA…Final Ratings!
The Mazes of Time…On Android!
City of Death…Action Figure Set!
Fourth Doctor…Bobblehead!
Elisabeth Sladen Autobiography…Due November 7!
BBC Selling…The Radio Times!
Doctor Who Magazine Subscribers…Dropping!
Edward Russell’s…Walk For Lis!
Shaun Lyon and…Gallifrey One!

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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #268 – Half Way To Gallifrey

  1. There is me thinking you 3 were the biggest critics of all the podcasters. Never heard you guys this positive before about a series it’s almost like they sent you preview copies or something.

  2. It’s entirely a coincidence, I can assure you! We were looking forward to Miracle Day based almost solely on how good Children of Earth was. The screening copies were an unintended bonus.

  3. I’m sorry I was trying to be sarcastic wasn’t having ago just unusual for you guys to be so positive being a long listener. Not that it matters I am loving Torchwood this series and I’m a Brit.

  4. I think for me it’s a case of lowered expectations. Children of Earth was phenomenal but I knew going into Miracle Day nothing would top CoE. I’m trying to take Torchwood more as it used to be, pre-Children of Earth (but now without the Monster of the Week of course) and what’s being presented is enjoyable. It’s not groundbreaking TV, it’s not something I’ll revisit any time soon (though for different reasons to going 2 years between viewings of Children of Earth) but it’s fun. And enjoyable. And the characters may be mostly blah but the performances have been great despite that.

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