Doctor Who on The Today Show on NBC

<![CDATA[Meredith Vieira of the Today Show on NBC dropped by the Doctor Who studios in Cardiff recently to, amongst other things, appear in a cameo on an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. Here's her report as put together by the BBC team and aired on NBC'S Today Show on Monday, May 9.

SPOILER WARNING: There are some pretty big spoilers for an upcoming Doctor Who episode in parts of the first video. If you want to look away and plug your ears, do so from 0:36-0:50, and 5:15-5:23 (the latter comprises part of Vieira's actual onscreen appearance on what looks to be Episode 8).

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Also, here’s some japery of Vieira and some Cybermen:

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5 Comments on “Doctor Who on The Today Show on NBC

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the spoilers. I did catch the first couple words Meredith reads when the director gives her her lines to look at though– more of a bizarre teaser than a spoiler though (if you know what part I’m referring to).

    It felt a bit wrong that she kept referring to the show as being made in “England”. Surely most of that segment was shot in Cardiff?

  2. Wales is in England, though isn’t it? It was in Delta and the Bannermen… 🙂

  3. Wales and England are each countries that constitute the legal entity of England (though, it’s more commonly called “England and Wales” now out of greater respect to Wales). So it could be argued that Wales is in England (the legal entity), but don’t go telling the Welsh that—they see themselves as a separate country.

  4. meh. That was painful. it was SO obvious how clueless ahe was.

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